Roundtable: Do You Expect a Minimum Length for Certain Games?

Game lengths vary based on the game type, the player, the story, and more but is there a minimum amount of playtime that you expect from a game? The VGU staff answers that question.

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GSKerns2190d ago

excellent topic... I think pricing definitely works into this topic as well

admiralvic2190d ago

"minimum amount of playtime that you expect from a game?"

Not a conceptual number, but enough where it feels satisfying. For this reason alone I found the Ground Zeroes fiasco and Tearaway praise amusing. Both games I guess are about 2 hours long if you focus on things (I can confirm Tearaway is pretty short if you gun it at least), though many thought Tearaway was a satisfying $40 dollar game.

Honestly speaking, I typically feel satisfied when I play one of Platinum Games 2 - 3 hours jump the shark tests of awesomeness, though I can play another game like God Eater for 20+ hours and feel like the game is dragging / too long. It's all going to boil down to how good the game is, versus how well it hits its points, versus time / money investment.

dcj05242190d ago

It's all about da priiice. Sunday i was contemplating the cost of FFXIV for a year. Added up it's $184. I don't have experience with mmos other than DCUO so i looked at the RPGS i played in the past.
Fallout3: 87 hours
Deus Ex HR: 72 Hours
Tales of Xillia:35 hours
Ni no kuni:60hours

All $60. So the average is minus skyrim is around 60 hours for a $60 game. So far in the ffxiv beta i've played 22 hours and i'm no where NEAR done so with i figured the $184 was worth it since my friends who had it since august spentb500 hours on it without trying. This is how i decide if i buy a game at full price or i wait for a sale. And you MUST include replay value or else i'll never buy games on release lol. Of course there is exceptions ( blew through the last of us in 10 hours on hard) but generally thats how i save money. How do yiu guys do it?

levian2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Definitely. I will not buy a game at full price when it only offers 20 hours of gameplay or less. I don't care how good the game looks or how fun it is, I personally won't pay $60 for an 8 hour game, when I could buy a game like Dark Souls or Skyrim and be able to comfortably put in hundreds of hours.

That's not to say I don't enjoy shorter games. I just don't find them worth $60. Games always drop in price fairly quickly these days luckily, and I have no objections to paying $30-40. Steam is great for that.

This being said, I can not STAND meaningless collectibles in games. Feathers in AC, what ever Infamous had, basically any pointless large quantity item in a semi-open world.

Tdmd2189d ago

Yes. I won't pay full price for a short game. It must have content, it must have replay value. It must be a good investiment. Other way, it'll get a price drop sometime. You just have to be patient, and with games being such an pricy hobby, I've learned to be budist-patient! lol

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