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VideoGamer: "Eidos Montreal has tried to turn Thief into a kind of Call Of Snoop-y, thrusting set-pieces and copious cut-scenes into the action. In doing so, the developers have missed both audiences – it’s too dull for COD heads and too restrictive for the PC-bred brotherhood that loved it in the first place."

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iistuii2185d ago

Too dull for COD heads lol. It's a completely different kind of game. People who play cod can also enjoy thief, I really am enjoying it. No you can't go in killing everyone, your a weak thief not an assassin. It's about getting in & out without fuss or confrontation. It's good,

RexLex2185d ago

Agreed,.. Game is really good,.. It is a thief game,.. and a good one at that.

starchild2185d ago

I'm a long time Thief fan and I'm loving the new Thief. Sure, there are some restrictions like not being able to use the rope arrow on any wood surface to help you get around, but the game makes up for it in other ways. The new swoop mechanic, for example, is awesome.

Thief is a true stealth game and I'm enjoying just as much as Deadly Shadows. I don't feel like the set pieces and cutscenes damage the game or the core stealth experience that it offers.