Thief available now for free via Xbox Games With Gold for June

Neil writes "The middle of the month sees a new free game being given away to all Xbox Live Gold members. This time round, we welcome the art of pick pocketing with Thief."

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tjg592315d ago

Oh they got a game that was on plus months ago

oKidUKo2315d ago

For those who don't have Plus though this is a welcomed freebie.

4Sh0w2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Thanks, wasn't going to buy it but I'd like to check it out, nevermind its Xbox 360, I'll wait.

yarbie10002315d ago

Cancelled my Plus so glad it worked out

SniperControl2314d ago

it's crap whatever platform it's on, even free.

deadpoolio3162314d ago

Its not god awful, its just very mediocre and seems to have more loading screens than Dishonored

nucky642314d ago

I thought the loading screens were horrible - It really killed the experience.

fermcr2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Yes, Thief PS3 version was on PS+.

It would be interesting to know if the X360 version will be compatible with the X1 in the future.

Both Microsoft/Sony could offer the X1/PS4 version of the game by now with their online paid service.

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lemoncake2314d ago

Shame it's only the 360 version, they should have done it for the xbox one also as I don't imagine people are dropping cash on this game anyways now.

Godz Kastro2314d ago

Well with backward compatibility games with gold is that much more valuable.

Eterna1Ice2314d ago

Aren't you supposed to put in your disc in order to start downloading?

isa_scout2314d ago

Being able to download a game from MS store if you own the 360 version AFTER it's added to a list is NOT backwards compatibility. It's essentially what Sony used to do with playstation classics. Except in this case the games are a free download if you own the disc version. I think it's awesome don't get me wrong. I definitely plan to use the feature once games like South Park stick of Truth and Gears of War 2&3 are added, but don't be fooled if you have to download the game from MS Store it's not backwards compatibility.

343_Guilty_Spark2314d ago

The game is software emulated and licensing is checked by reading the disk. Wtf are you talking about?

That is backwards compatibility.

hades072314d ago

Nope, it will work with Digital downloads as well. Hopefully going forward any games available for the Xbox 360 games with gold will also be available for the One.