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elarcadia1716d ago

Castlestorm was already free on the XB1, so that is a wash, but I am pleased with the other titles! I have been dying to play Sacred 3 (even though I hear it is pretty bad) because I thoroughly enjoyed Sacred 2. I have been wanting to play Thief as well. All of these are games I have wanted to try, but didn't really want to buy, so this list works out great for me!

OC_MurphysLaw1716d ago

Actually I have heard the opposite on Sacred 3, in that its actually pretty decent. Thief in the same boat, and I am happy to pick that up. Not sure I really care about Van Hellsing... Have the Xbox One version of Castlestorm already. Operation Flashpoint also peaks my interest but I know it was middling in terms of reviews when it came out. Overall decent finish to the year.

Monster_Tard1716d ago

Sacred 3 has extremely bad user rating on Metacritic and Steam. I haven't played it yet, but I'm guessing who ever told you it was decent lied.

Grown Folks Talk1716d ago

I enjoy the Operation Flashpoint games. You have to be much more patient & realistic in your approach. Fans of run & gun shooters won't like it. More strategic.

elarcadia1716d ago

Sacred 2 had not so great ratings, and I loved that game. So I will give it the benefit of the doubt hehe ;).

AngelicIceDiamond1716d ago

Hey sacred 3 is mp I don't mind givin it a go. GWG value is way better when they first started. They cheaped out on it when it first started. Glad we're gettin 4 free games with BC.

KiwiViper851716d ago


Ahem... 5 games...

AngelicIceDiamond1716d ago

@Kiwi For December only? Or is 5 games what they're doing from this point on?

Hoffmann1715d ago

Absolutely nothing about Sacred 3 is decent.

They did nobody a favour by promoting this bad bad game as one of the free ones in December.

Van Hellsing is also only pretty mediocre.For December this is weak.

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1716d ago
lelo2play1716d ago

Yep, Games with Gold better then PS+.

nX1716d ago

That's an overstatement.

3-4-51716d ago

Every month it's a bunch of games I have no interest in playing.

These aren't deals. There is a reason nobody is buying those games. Giving them away for free isn't going to help.

Free is free I guess though.

vegasgamerdawg1716d ago

Are you the guy the decides what's good for everyone? Or are you suffering from delusions of grandeur? Pick one.

NickieNick1716d ago

It's not a wash for those that don't have an X1 yet, which is about 70 million 360 users..

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GusBricker1716d ago

Loved Thief, very underrated and will check out Van Helsing, it's a top down game like Diablo, IIRC.

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Masterchief_thegoat1716d ago

"top down game like diablo" Only i can say is Wow

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BallsEye1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Damn MS, really good stuff. I like that they are reaching for bigger games, not just indies. Always wanted to try Thief and will definitely get Operation Flashpoint.

crazychris41241716d ago

They should have ended the year with a bang. Just cause 2 and fallout 3 for the Xbox 360. Maybe ryse and sunset overdrive for the Xbox one. Only game that I'm somewhat interested in is operation flashpoint which is probably not as good as the arma series.

PhucSeeker1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Seeing both JC2 and F3 are pre-order bonuses, i highly doubt they would give them away anytime soon. OF is definitely a more approachable title than Arma. Thief is a bit underwhelming though.

KiwiViper851716d ago

Id say thief is a step in the right direction.

Start giving away low rated AAA releases, I'm down with that. I usually find myself most entertained by lower review scores, as long as the games not broken.

I think this game released too close to the beggining of this generation, when our expectations for a next gen game were extremely high.

Caedus5111716d ago

Fallout 3 wasn't a preorder bonus. I bought fallout 4 digitally through the Xbox a few days after it launched and just got the code messaged to me for fallout 3 last week. Might have been a preorder bonus at retail though but the game listing on the Xbox store still indicates you get a copy of FO3

OneLove1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Lmfao I got just cause 2 on Xbox one from previous games with gold as well as gears of war 3 from the 360. Fallout 3 from pre ordering fallout 4. They just appeared on my uninstalled games list.

vegasgamerdawg1716d ago

They already gave away JC2.

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