How to Fix Thief 2014 Crashes, Graphics Stuttering and Problems

Vgamerz writes: "The highly anticipated release of Thief (2014) has come and gamers all over the world are stealthing their ways out from and into the shadows. However, not all players are as lucky to enjoy a flawless experience, and some reports are coming from upset gamers who encounter, except for the enemies, Thief crashes, stuttering and other game problems."

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Mega242184d ago

I found a way to fix it, by not buying it, game is horrible...

Trenta272184d ago

I'm struggling to play through it. The audio and AI issues are the worst. It's getting really annoying when I spin around expecting someone to be right behind me when in reality they are on the other side of the map.

Mega242184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Does yours constantly crashes for no reason?


They didn't optimize it well this game needs atleast 3 more months of polishing. Because as it is, its not worth it, just like BF4.

Trenta272184d ago

Mine hasn't crashed, no, but the FPS drops really low during cutscenes.

starchild2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The game is not horrible. I haven't had a single crash nor any serious glitches. I once saw a guard jitter in a circle, but that is IT. I've seen worse glitches in most games.

I also don't understand how some of you are suffering from such poor performance. For me the game runs extremely well. I get a solid 60fps with FXAA (and 95% solid 60fps with 2x SSAA). And this is with an HD 7950 which is hardly the most powerful graphics card in the world. It's a 2 year old graphics card that I bought mostly to max out last gen games, but it happens to run this game nearly flawlessly.

It seems Nvidia cards have lower minimum framerates in Thief, though, so if you guys have Nvidia cards that might be the problem.

Anyway Thief is a great stealth game and lots of people really like it. Here are some of the many positive reviews for the game:







Mega242184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

So the Metacritic score of BF4 by critics, Which means their reviews, scores the game by all off them since the release, on the 90's, 80's, and high 70's, does that means all the bugs errors crashes, and horrible netcode didn't exist?

Edit* So because you didn't had any issues, that means no one else did?, the game is buggy and unpolished, even the PS4 version which my friend bought even against my advice, is also buggy and glitch.

Doomzdayishere2183d ago

So are you one of the developers? Seemed to have quite the list there. Did you google search it for fun? Not to mention some beefy hardware. So spare us the propaganda and go fix the thing.

It is junk as I cannot get it to run on 2 different boxes.

KillerPwned2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

It can be such a great game but the developers fooled us in thinking this be top notch. When its a buggy mess as I only speak for the PC version since that is all I have played yet. When this is cheaper for PS4 I may get it.

allegretto25002184d ago

why do I hear npc's talking when I have knocked out everyone in the house?

ramiuk12184d ago

my pc is a decent pc and this is playing really choppy.
so had to leave it,will prob pick up on myps4 when it drops a bit more and issues sorted

bumnut2184d ago

Is it really so bad? I thought it looked suspiciously cheap!

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