'Wii U Is A Clumsy, Awkward Device' Says Molyneux

NowGamer: "Godus developer Peter Molyneux says that his game could come to PS Vita or Steam Box but that PS4, Xbox One and the 'clumsy' Wii U may not work."

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TheLyonKing3389d ago

Got to agree with him on this. The second screen is a forced gimmick and while I have noted some developers utilizing it well, it really is only beneficial to a very small %.

Also the hardware is really below par when sized up to the other consoles. Its a ninento console for nintendo games, nothing more and nothing less.

Neonridr3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

And there is nothing wrong with a Nintendo console for Nintendo games. In this day and age, owning 2 consoles is becoming more and more commonplace. I have a PS4 for the heavy hitters that Sony brings along with any 3rd party games that don't grace the Wii U (so basically most of them, :P) and I own a Wii U for all the 1st party Nintendo games and the odd 3rd party game that I would prefer to play on the Wii U.

Having the 2nd screen isn't a gimmick. If you had a PS4 with remote play you would understand the benefit of the Wii U gamepad. Being a husband and father, getting command of the TV can be tough at times, so the Off Screen play makes it that much easier for me to play my games. I have come really close to purchasing a Vita simply for the fact of using the Remote Play functionality.

Just because it isn't for you doesn't mean that it isn't appealing to other people. And that can included non-Nintendo gamers too.

bunfighterii3389d ago

I'm in the same boat - PS4 and Wii U are what I've gone with this gen.

die_fiend3389d ago

But I used to love nintendo but I don't particularly want a console that is on par with the xbox 360 in terms of power in this day and age. If nintendo cut the cord on Wii U and bring out a powerful machine, I'd buy it without a second thought. But unfortunately they're too unresponsive. They're busy making a smash bros game (which always takes them years cos it's so good) for a console that is dying!

Neonridr3389d ago

@die_fiend - the Wii U is more powerful than the 360 or PS3. Maybe not by a lot, but it's GPU can run laps around what the 360 and PS3 can put out. It's only because most developers are too lazy to optimize their game for the Wii U. The 360 and PS3 were very CPU oriented, whereas the Wii U is GPU oriented (much like the PS4 and XB1). So you can't just dump 360 code to the Wii U and expect it to perform well, the CPU cores aren't as fast clock speed wise, so more calculations need to be offset to the GPGPU which can handle extra calculations to free up the load on the CPU's.

I love how games like TLOU and GTA V were amazing games and they only came out like 6 months ago. Suddenly now those games aren't good enough anymore. The Wii U can easily do games like GTA V and TLOU and better, so what is so wrong with that as a secondary console? Do you need 4K resolution for all your games?

11eleven113389d ago

The WiiU is not clumsy. It actually is pretty fast and very manageable.'Course people that don't own it wouldn't know, and that is a marketing problem. The gamepad is however a gamepad and not a tablet touchscreen so it is not ment for the type of games the gentleman from the article makes. That's the same marketing problem. People still slash the WiiU for not understanding what it is.

mcstorm3388d ago

@Neonridr I agree with you. I am a WiiU and Xbox One owner and I often use the WiiU pad for playing games on sat after noon when soccer Saturday is on TV or use the snap tv on the xbox one so I can keep up to day on all the scores or if something like boxing is on and im waiting for the main fight we will use snap or Wiiu game pad to kill time but still have the under cards on.

I have been very impressed with the Wiiu and most of the games I own for it are Nintendo IP's. Pikmin 3, Windwaker, Mario 3D world DK, Wii Party U and more have been a joy to play.

Dunban673388d ago

The problem I have is Nintendo used 3rd party games as a big selling point for the Wi U before the launch- They sold that aspect very hard, then after Dec 2012, they did nothing to save 3rd party support- the Wi U will probable go down as having the least 3rd party support of any Nintendo console by the end of its lifespan even though Iwata and Co said the opposite- but I have learned neither of them nor any Nintendo exec speaking publicly can be trusted

ChickeyCantor3388d ago

"But unfortunately they're too unresponsive."

I don't think you understand how business works, mate.

UltimateMaster3388d ago

EA: Peter Molyneux: Nintendo is a great platform

Makes no games for it. Clumsy Comments.

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Crazay3389d ago

I was super jacked about the prospect of that 2nd screen but I find that I use it more for games when my wife is watching TV. So then I thought it might be nice to be able to play those games remotely on the screen in other rooms of the house but the range is so crappy I can't even take it into my bedroom which is DIRECTLY behind my living room.

Neonridr3389d ago

That sucks. I can take mine down a whole floor and to the opposite end of the house and it works. I can play it in the bathroom too, bonus.

Shame that you can't get that far away though. Maybe your walls are too dense which kills the signal.

It's nice that the Vita uses WiFi to connect to the PS4 and it will be interesting to see if Nintendo explores that in the future with a possible Gamepad+ or something. Only problem with using the WiFi is latency becomes an issue.

Crazay3389d ago

@Neon - HAHAH. The bathroom is the first place I tried to get the gaming done. =P

such a guy thing eh? hahaha

Neonridr3389d ago

of course the only crutch to bringing the gamepad with you to the bathroom is you forget why you were there in the first place and then before you know it you've been sitting on the toilet for 30 mins, lol.

windblowsagain3389d ago

In a perfect world.

SONY make the hardware/ first party
MS make the OS/third party
Ninty supply just their own games.

InTheLab3389d ago

OS and 3rd party ? No thanks

wonderfulmonkeyman3388d ago

That's BS, considering the growing offerings from indies and the small yet decent amount of properly done third party exclusives.

If all you're looking at is Nintendo games on a Nintendo system, then these days, that's a sign that you're doing it wrong. There's plenty on offer for the system, and the game pad is a controller that is being under-utilized, but is by no means a useless gimmick.
That's hater talk.

GordonKnight3388d ago

I agree

Everyone that says the gamepad is gimmick has never use it in their own home.

IMO the gamepad is awesome for RPGs. I'm playing Earthbound on it now.

Magicite3388d ago

Ive never owned Nintendo console, yet somehow I would feel insulted by what Molyneux said.

BattleN3388d ago

Molyneux is not a very good game developer. He's just bitter the Gamepad is better than all his games combined!

LOL_WUT3388d ago

Why? It's the truth it just wasn't ready, at launch they forced a 5GB update everything was slow and clumsy Nintendo tried to get a head start but backfired when they didn't see the results they wanted ;)

Fanboyssuck273388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I agree, Just like you get a Sony console for 3rd party only as they just can't make good quality first party games that last the test of time, Sony is always left behind when it comes to software.

GordonKnight3388d ago

But their exclusives are some of the best though.

lilbroRx3388d ago

Better than the "look, we have more specs" gimmick Sony has been constanstly going with.

At least Nintendo is original.

krazykombatant3388d ago

LOL second screen has the potential to be extremely beneficial as even MS has introduced smart glass and Sony the PS4 and Vita mix. Hell many people on PC have more than 1 monitor.

Was the hardware put into the console too poor, yes. It will be another gamecube but that isn't a bad thing.

Molyneux shouuld focus on making a good game not rehashed garbage.

allgamespc20123388d ago

Except its not. its more powerful than a 360 and ps3 ad thats already been proven many times, only ignorant people will say otherwise. the graphics that nintendo accomplishes on their first party games are astonishing and at 60 fps something 360 and ps3 would not be able to do at all.

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G20WLY3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Peter Molyneux is possibly the most full-of-crap developer in the industry today.

He showed promise many years ago, but his prime is long gone and all that remains is a sad shadow of the former man.

Fable 3 was the final straw; quite why anyone would believe anything this guy says - or respect his opinion, on this or anything else - is beyond me.

Gazondaily3389d ago

At least Cliffy B delivers

Baka-akaB3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Molyneux did far more than showing promise . And his delivery rates is 10x above Cliffy . Molyneux created a genre of gaming . Very few can claim that

he was just past his prime and lost himself after Black and White . And even then , one can't pretend he delivered bad games , some of us just expected better .

Meanwhile , while obviously a legend now too , i still remember Unreal Tournament 3 , and particularly its horrible and ill conceived sp campaign , trying to reciprocate Gears of war's success . Or the mediocre gears 2 mp (at first) .

die_fiend3389d ago

Delivers what? GOW 2 was a car crash multiplayer-wise. Fable 2 came out at the same time and was a quality game.

You ever heard of Populous? Molyneux made some of gaming's greatest titles back in the day. Cliffy B made Gears of War lol. About obese marines with chainsaw guns. The only thing he 'delivered' is a distinct lack of charm

Baka-akaB3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

people can disagree all they want . Molyneux , brought Populous , PowermOnger , Magic Carpet , Theme Park , Dungeon keeper , Black and White to the pantheon of gaming . And of course Fable If you guys are too young to remember or know those , it's another matter

Cliffy B is known for jazz jackrabbit , Unreal and Gears of war . All pretty good if not excellent games , but mostly just emblematic ips of their generations .

XboxFun3388d ago

You heard of David Cage?

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CrowbaitBob3388d ago

I actually felt a little embarrased for the Fable crew the first time I saw Fable 3 was being released on PC.

DanManDantheMan3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

If by that he means there are not many games that really show off the point of the GamePad, I can agree.

That being said, it's not a terrible idea. Once it gets that one game that makes people say "Aha!", it'll be flying off shelves.

Rockefellow3389d ago

Molyneux is a clumsy, awkward developer.

I think he's just a bit upset that even the Wii U, in its glorious blaze of failure it's enduring right now, still has ten times more good games than he's ever been able to squeeze out of that fat head of his.

Ck1x3389d ago

This guy is reaching hard on his statement, because while I do agree that Nintendo is doing a very poor job of showcasing what makes the controller so unique (asymetrical gameplay). The gamepad is more comfortable and useable in games such as RPG's, Adventure and Racing games than it seems that it might be, being so large of a controller. And I wish we could take a break with trashing the WiiU for not being at the same level hardware wise as PS4 and XbOne. Because both of those systems aren't blazing out every next-gen game with amazing resolutions and framerates at the moment.