See How Borderlands 2 Looks On The PS Vita Compared To The PC and Consoles

GearNuke: "Borderlands 2 is getting a PS Vita port and many might be wondering how it compares to the PC and the console version of the game. You shouldn't wonder anymore as we have compared the PS Vita version to the PC and console version, and the results are fairly decent."

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s1xt6en3745d ago

Looks pretty cool. Vert artsy. Can't wait for it!!! Bundle FTW!! Lol

TomShoe3745d ago

OMG It's real!

Wow, I need a Vita, I'm just waiting for a Slim Vita to come out in the US and another memory card price drop.

alexkoepp3745d ago

Can I transfer my progress from x360 over to my vita?

dedicatedtogamers3745d ago

Just so you know, there is going to be a $200 Vita Slim bundle with Borderlands 2 and an 8G stick included w/ the system. Comes out mid-march in the US.

cozomel3745d ago

Looks like the difference between the ps4 and x1.

Just kidding, now watch the fanboys and mods have a tizzy

ABizzel13745d ago

This might give me a reason to get back into Borderlands. I beat the 360 version had each of my characters leveled up to 60 (I believe that was the level cap then), and my HDD died wiping everything clean.

I haven't gone back since, even the PS+ version wasn't enough to get me back.

But since I'll have it on the go, I can see myself working on the PS3 / PSV version.

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Sarcasm3745d ago

My Vita is ready. I'm buying it.

3745d ago
showtimefolks3745d ago

for $199 you get the system a memory card plus borderlands 2 GOTY edition, what's not to like about this deal

can't wait, its amazing how ps-vita was selling and now since launch of ps4 is selling really well, than you have the Vita TV in Japan. With this new bundle the system will only improve sales wise

up next GTA on Vita

3-4-53745d ago

Another Solid game that makes the Vita more appealing to buy. Still not sure if I'm getting the slim bundle or regular OLED though.

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Agent_hitman3745d ago

Not bad, it's still looks good.

FamilyGuy3745d ago

Whoa, the 360 version looks like garbage.
wtf happened? lol

BlackKnight3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Borderlands is normally blurry in the background (or if you aim down sights, it will bring into focus whatever you are directly looking at), it is the depth of field effect. Who ever took that PC screenshot disabled the depth of field graphics option is all.

Here you can see it is on:


Even the first borderlands did this:


See how the road close to the camera is crisp but the further you get from the camera the blurrier things get? That;s all it is.

FamilyGuy3745d ago

Focus on the foreground, blur the background. Yeah I see that a lot in movies and some games but why? I'd rather have clarity in games.

Anonagrog3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )


It's to do with mirroring how lenses or cameras physically act and trying to add recognizable realism to a scene.

'Depth of Field', 'Bokeh, 'Lens Flare', 'Blur', 'Vignetting', 'Film Grain', etc.

There are many things we can try to simulate with the intention of improving the realism or composition of a scene. Of course, it's very much a subjective thing. Ideally control would be left in the player's hands.

TopDudeMan3745d ago

The detail in the background of the vita version looks better than the 360.

kingmushroom3745d ago

Yeah whats up with the blurry background on the 360.

zeuanimals3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

It's supposed to be depth of field, but it looks like crap in that shot. I think there's a setting to turn it off, atleast I know there is on PC, not sure about the 360.

Milruka3745d ago

It's funny how the Vita version looks better than the 360 version.

Swiggins3745d ago

Whatever you say Eagle-eye.

BlackKnight3745d ago

Nobody in this thread realizes the game has depth of field and the PC shot above simply has it turned off and vita doesn't have depth of field at all.

As simple as it may seem, DOF affects performance, even if a little.


Shakengandulf3745d ago

How much did someone bet for you to say that?

Bathyj3745d ago

Ha, Tree dolla, and siddy cents.

BitbyDeath3745d ago

Must be a dodgy picture, 360 version can't look that bad.

ninjahunter3745d ago

Its depth of field, its an effect that looks better in game.