How Borderlands 4 Can Move On From Handsome Jack

While Handsome Jack is an unforgettable addition to the Borderlands franchise, it might be time to let the egotistical maniac go in Borderlands 4.

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RaidenBlack585d ago

UE5 Borderlands 4? Might be a while. We just got Wonderlands.
Unrelated but I really want the Brothers in Arms sequel from Gearbox, next.
Baker Company's story's continuation is long overdue.

XbladeTeddy584d ago (Edited 584d ago )

No, Earned in Blood was the last decent Brothers in Arms game, Hell's Highway was crap. Then the awful direction they tried before scrapping the series just said it all. Furious 4 or something it was going to be called . Gearbox don't know how to do those games right any more.

RaidenBlack584d ago

yea, you may be right ... don't want any Brothers in Borderlands from them now, do we

Terry_B585d ago

BL 3 moved on from Handsome Jack..and its story was super weak. Let Borderlands 4 continue where Borderlands 2 and BL The Pre-Sequel ended.

blackblades585d ago

Haven't played since BL2, I couldnt do the prequel one just wasn't feeling BL anymore. I say take a break from BL and do something else.

-Foxtrot585d ago

They did and the twins were awful

LordoftheCritics585d ago

They didn't thats why the twins were awful.

jwillj2k4461d ago

Honorable mention to Drive Clubs Ferrari Fxx-K. Should be there over Horizon.

441d ago
TheColbertinator461d ago

The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak from the Gran Turismo series

Nissan Skyline from Need for Speed Underground

Motorcycle Steamroller from Dead Rising 3

And finally a car you never drive but saves your ass over and over : Honey Badger from COD MW2

Gardenia461d ago

I was thinking of Mad Max. That V8 felt really good to drive around in, especially with upgrades.

dumahim461d ago

No one liked the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. Top 10?

toxic-inferno461d ago

I don't know... It was a strange addition to the game, and the parts of the game where you had to fight in it were tedious. But driving it around Gotham felt brilliant.

BrainSyphoned460d ago

FFXIII-Snow's Shiva motorcycle
Persona 5-Makoto's Persona motorcycle


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adaminoregon499d ago

South park stick of truth is the funniest game ever made.


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RavenWolfx556d ago

Anyone else have a small but noticeable delay in aiming on Borderlands 2? Anytime I move the aiming reticle, there is maybe a quarter of a second (250ms) delay before it moves. Happens in both Handheld and Docked.