Why Activision should go back to Tony Hawk’s arcade roots with the new game

We know there’s a new Tony Hawk’s in the works, but it should feel like the oldest of entries to the series.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3705d ago

There's a new Tony Hawk game coming?

Cautiously optimistic. I want the series to end on a positive note but the last what like 6 entries have been severely disappointing. Hope this one ends the curse.

thorstein3705d ago

I hope they don't blow it. I really liked the earlier games in the series. Then Skate came out and the difference night and day.

UncleGermrod3705d ago

Ha, I was thinking the same thing when I read this. I had no idea there was one in the works...you usually here about these things.

Any ways, I haven't truly enjoyed a THPS title since the underground games back during the ps2/xbox/GC era. I hope if they make one, they try to use that same formula that made the first 6 games so fun.

OmegaShen3705d ago

They just need to make Tony Hawk Underground 3, anything else will be a waste.

DarkLord10033705d ago

I think the series went downhill when they had all the jackass characters in the game..

SoulSercher6203705d ago

Either make it like the THUG games or GTFO.

csreynolds3705d ago

I support this article. THPS2 - best Tony Hawk EVAH. The franchise needs to drop the gimmicks and get back to what matters - addictive, thrilling skateboarding.

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Snookies12171d ago

I recall not liking the idea of this game, when I was younger. Then, when I actually tried it at a friend's house. I absolutely loved it. Wish we could get another one on modern systems...

shinoff2183171d ago

This game was about when i stopped messing with Tony hawk games.

Profchaos170d ago

I personally considered this game the last great Tony hawk game before the series fell from grace.

It was already releasing far to frequently and had started following trends urban setting in underground then jackass for underground 2 instead of leading it like with thps 1/2 .

So I was really disappointed with underground 2 at the time it was basically jackass the game but watching low poly model characters hurt each other I found really boring. Then we went to American wasteland which was ok and project 8 that was kind of an anomaly as it was actually good on everything except the PS3 I somehow found the PS2 version was simply the best version of it.
Wasteland was horrible and the motion controlled games garbage and thps5 makes me want to puke.

Funny thing is the remake of 1 and 2 reminded me of how fun these games can be so I'll be blowing the dust of of my disc and popping it my PS2 to replay underground this weekend.


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Stuart5756292d ago

The past 15 years have been awful for TH games, Skate took over.

gaffyh292d ago

There's been 18 games??? Damn.

purple101292d ago



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