Activision Should Remake These 7 Games for PS5, PS4

PP: It wasn't all that long ago that gamers were complaining about the glut of remasters and remakes flooding the market. These days? Well, things have changed, and with Activision being a frontrunner with some of the most successful remakes, it makes sense that the publisher would want to dip back into its back catalogue for inspiration.

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RaidenBlack241d ago

Remake CoD 2? It'll be a generic shooter now and CoD WW2 already happened.
Activision should pull Raven out from CoD Support duties and instead let them do their own stuff, like they used to do.
Remake? Activision can do something like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Singularity by Raven.

NecrumOddBoy241d ago

I would love a Singularity 2. The original was incredible but had a few issues a sequel could have really helped with. It was a great game that had the Bioshock spirit with a good puzzle concept. A sequel could really unlock potential.

Also, Wolverine was great. Sad they were forced to make it a tie-in instead of an original story but making Logan a violent monster was a great direction.

Raven is such an underutilized and untapped development team.