Ranking The 9 Main Tony Hawk's Games From Worst To Best

Andrew says: "That’s not just glorified sensationalist video game journalism, it’s an indisputable fact that these games are some of the highest rated games of all-time. Did you know that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, on the PS1, stands at 98 on Metacritic? The best game of all-time is only one point above it. There’s your fact of the day."

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MasterChief36241226d ago

I was so sad when I saw number 1. But then I had the realization, and I definitely agree. Their number one is my number one. I think it perfected the classic formula without feeling too bloated, and all the levels were bops!

AndyHighton_YNWA1226d ago

Thought I'd throw a curveball in there haha. But yeah, I just think the levels for THPS3 were just unbelievable. :)

monochromer1226d ago

Did you, uh, forget that THPS5 existed? It was definitely a "main game".

MasterChief36241226d ago

@monochromer We would all like to forget that one ever existed.

gaffyh1226d ago

Pro Skater 2 I think was the one for me. I remember playing the demo for that level from OPM for hours until the full game released. Pause and hit retry before the timer ran out to find all the secrets!

sourOG1226d ago

Yeah I agree. That time in my life where I was in my first apartment and friends would come and it would always be running. People were all around doing different things but THPS2 was always on and someone was battling, sometimes on 2 different TVs. the soundtrack was great also so it was blasting. Good times, few worries.

chicken_in_the_corn1226d ago

Underground 1 will always be my favourite

The7Reaper1226d ago

Underground 1 was my favorite

Why is American Wasteland so low on the list? I personally like it better than all the Pro Skater games.

Chocoburger1225d ago

Its low on the list, because its a shit list. Putting the PS1 games before most of the PS2 games is laughable. Putting THUG 2 ahead of THUG 1 is ridiculous.

Chocoburger1225d ago

Straight up terrible list, filled with incorrect information. Not that I was expecting anything of value to begin with, nearly no one out there actually understands or appreciates the later excellent games in the series.


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MasterChief362467d ago

There is no way in hell they put the cover of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 as the thumbnail for "best skateboarding games." Good Lord.

ChiefofLoliPolice66d ago

Not the game that needs to be the thumbnail.

ChiefofLoliPolice66d ago

Oh dear God the OG TH games are amazing. THUG 1 2 and THAW were badass. It's hard to pick. The EA Skate games were amazing too especially Skate 3.

Never got the chance to play Session or Skate XL but I want to try.

As far as classics...the THUG games and Pro 4 were my favs. I still play those games on my OG Xbox to this day!

Abear2166d ago

Smh still no Skate on PlayStation 4 or 5. All these new budget skateboarding games are glitched trash. The new Skate will be good, but nothing will give me that crazy feeling like OG skate demo, that was a revelation


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Stuart575696d ago

The past 15 years have been awful for TH games, Skate took over.

gaffyh96d ago

There's been 18 games??? Damn.

purple10196d ago



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Tony Hawk discusses Tony Hawk says Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 + 4 and how it didn't come to be after Vicarious Visions merged with Blizzard.

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Snookies12468d ago

Oh look, more reasons to hate Blizzard... Starting to regret the decade or more I spent on WoW back in the day. Great memories, but man I hate that so much money went to them.

PhillyDillyDee467d ago

They lived long enough to see themselves become the villain.

monkey602467d ago

Horrific and yet not at all surprising move from them

andy85467d ago

This makes me sad. 1 and 2 remakes were outstanding

Profchaos467d ago

After reading this I've never hated Activision more they took an extremely talented studio and relegated them to a support studio which lead to the the game which was personally my most anticipated remake after 1+2 to date being canned but any talent would have left alongside this change.

Man this news sucks

RosweeSon467d ago

This needs rectifying asap. Would love the same
Treatment for 3/4