Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

Eurogamer - Titanfall is not the game I was expecting.

It was billed as a shot in the arm for the multiplayer first-person shooter - specifically Call of Duty and games created in its image - but that just felt like hype to me. It's the same guys making it! The mechs looked nice, but I figured it would all boil down to the usual questions: How do we handle perks? How many guns do we carry? When's the DLC coming out?

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Septic1704d ago

A really good read and I think the key question here is this too:

"The lingering question is whether all the things that Titanfall makes easy and accessible are backed up by other things that can keep it interesting over the days and months that follow"

I really do hope so. Titanfall has everything in place to be a stellar game.

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Volkama1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I kinda wish they took the pilots with their wall running and stuck them on some more tightly designed maps, akin to the arena shooters of old.

The Titans are cool, you certainly get some epic moments. But imo the core quality that would make the game stand the test of time is the parkour, and I feel the open levels that are necessary for the Titans (and AI the occupy the space) detract from that joy of movement.

Maybe less of an attractive sales proposition without mechs, but it'd have a stronger core to the gameplay.

Let someone else make a game more properly dedicated to Mech combat, a game that goes all-out on destruction.

Having said that, I've been sinking a lot of time in the beta so it must be fun, and I'll definitely buy it for March.

Spinal1704d ago

Let's hope you never become a dev :)

The parkour an mechs are fine together. I just wish the game had bigger maps.

JokesOnYou1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Oh Euro gamer just get in line and wait your turn to praise Titanfall.

lol, I get it of course there are always some who genuinely don't like a game, in regards to Titanfall it looks to be very few, either way you can usually tell though because it's a brief of opinion with valid points. Then they just move on, no agenda to spread and I actually appreciate a honest difference of opinion very much but its NOT a coincidence those that have a history of hating micro/360 think of course Titanfall is "overhyped", just browse a few Titanfall threads you’ll notice the trend, fortunately nobody wants to troll KZ SF, but such is the burden of poplarity because the truth is outside of n4g where reality waits Titanfall is a very likeable game, its fast paced, its wall running, its jet packs, its titans, its bots, its big maps, its just fun, its so much more than "COD with mechs", and its a welcome new change of pace in the super popular fps arena (btw unlike most I don't hate COD for being successful)= the hype is justified and its backed up by winning tons of accolades/awards since E3 and NOW the beta has cemented this game as the best game of next gen so far.

Sad part is the party poppers would rather see it fail because it's not on ps4, and like typical haters expect to see them again and again telling us why the game they dont care about "isnt that good", its a shame instead of realizing as always a successful new IP by hardworking devs is always good for the industry, sure there will be copy cat games but the more important lesson to devs should be just do your own thing,(most already do) make it fun (easier said than done) and success will come.

joab7771704d ago

The amazing thing is that they can do anything with what they have. They can easily create different modes, maybe one with no mechanics and vice versa. Also, I dont know how true it is, but many maps have been mentioned for I guess we will see.

RedSky1704d ago

I really question their decision to include bots in competitive multiplayer. I am all but certain that had they increased player count and just increase titan cooldown to compensate, it would have been much more fun.

That and on the PC side, forcing us to use their dedicated servers. That's the main thing stopping me from picking this game up. Having to put up with 180ms ping to SE Asia servers just because I live in Australia is BS and if they're neglecting my country/platform, they don't get my money.

Volkama1704d ago

There are 2 Azure data centres being built in Australia. When those are ready to roll you'll be able to play Titanfall on them, but unfortunately I can't tell you when that will be.

In your position I'd probably hold off of buying it until they were ready.

H0RSE1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

The problem with people claiming the game is overhyped, is that the hype for this game is justified. It isn't just some empty promises or marketing speak building up the game. Titanfall has won a record amount of awards, it has had overwhelming positive reception from nearly every facet, including those who played it at game shows, the alpha and the beta, along with press/media coverage. It's been demonstrated hands-on by both the media and the community. If "the proof is in the pudding," Titanfall thus far has proven its "pudding" so much, that it should have Bill Cosby trying to sell it...

As for saying it's just a "typical shooter" and then mentioning that is a contradiction in itself. Regardless of Brink's poor scores, the game itself brought interesting ideas to the genre. The movement system itself (the portion in which TF is drawing inspiration from) made it unique, and other aspects like different body-types and the sole focus on class-based objective gameplay, just added to this.

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VENOMACR12271704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Not everyone is going to love the game. Even some Xbox owners don't like it. But that's like any other game too. Titanfall isn't the exception. Don't get me wrong, I'm buying it Day 1 and going to play the heck out of it.

hello121704d ago

I am x box 1 user and to be honest i wasn't that impressed with how the game plays.

I'm competitive gamer at heart, i hated the bots, the game needs more players.

VENOMACR12271704d ago

Bots are a non-issue. And having more players is a positive and negative. Yes, you can fit 20v20 pilots only. But 40 titans? No way. As it is now you can have 12v12 (6 pilots and their titan). Killing bots is more of an issue in Attrition because they count for 1 point, where in Hardpoint they dont do anything for the outcome. I think the player max could be 8v8 but that's about it. I never have a problem finding pilots or titans.

Bdub20001703d ago

I felt the same way, I hated the bots. But I was bored and spent a couple hours playing the beta, it's a really fun game after all, and once I really got in to the flow of the game and maps I was able to avoid the bots and find more pilots to kill. I am consistently getting more pilot kills now, and it is a lot more fun. All the bots make it seem like a huge battle is going on around you, which is turning out to be quite fun for me.

I guess what I'm saying KNWS, maybe give it some more time and the game may surprise you.

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Hicken1704d ago

They're NOT a non issue. Stop saying that crap. People didn't like the idea of so many bots before putting their hands on the game, and people don't like it after.

That's an issue.

Just because you would let Titanfall sleep with your wife doesn't mean other people find it faultless.

PONTIAC08G8GT1704d ago

So because the guy says bots aren't an issue for him, immediately go for personal attacks? Not everyone is a Titanfall fan boy just because they like the game. My god some of you are so damn touchy, grow up. If you've played the demo and talk to anyone who has, almost everyone will agree bots are a non issue. Seems the only people that have issues with them are those who either A) own a Playstation, or B) want this to be a hardcore shooter. It's good that the bots and pilots blend in. There are burn cards to look like certain bots. Would you like the pilots to wear bright orange and bots white so you can distinguish? How about just shooting anything that moves? Problem solved.

The game is good, it's going to sell a ton of copies regardless of bots. I played the demo and if you kill bots all game your team is going to lose because you get way more points killing pilots and titans. The bots are for casual gamers, pilots and titans for serious. They provide some humor in the game and can be used in multiple ways.

mediate-this1704d ago

Why are you commenting? You're so negative all the time, all you do is bash tf in every tf article and you bash in every non tf article.

You have your opinion but you rehash the thr same argument. You dont have a xb, xb1 or a gaming pc you just want to bash it. Why be a hater.

You even diss tf in the order articles, if you played tf you would know that the bots are useless, they are there for cinematic feel and noobs. I hunt the pilots and the titans.

Your campaign is getting tiring

IanVanCheese1704d ago

Great article. People calling it Call of Duty with mechs are doing the game a great disservice.

So long as it remains balanced and fun in the months after launch, it's going to be a smash hit.

gamer78041704d ago

its a very good mp game, unfortunately, its missing single player, hopefully next time around they add a SP campaign

jackanderson19851704d ago

No-one except Respawn now what the MP integrated campaign will be like (my understanding is that it's a seperate mode outside those in the Beta) so it could turn out to be an absolutely fantastic thing that will impact future games.

these kinda games are rarely purchased for the SP... look at the BLOPS2 (think it was BLOPS) stats on the number of SP campaigns completed they're abysmal... i'm currently only doing the SP of BF4 for the weapon unlocks as i bought the game for it's MP portion (well worth it in my eyes)

IIC0mPLeXII1704d ago

Good luck. Half the stuff in the campaign takes several attempts to actually unlock and save. The characters were annoying the first time through. How many times I've beaten it, I literally can't stand any of them.

famoussasjohn1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I wonder if there will be something story related after each match because it's about 90 seconds or so before the next round begins. Don't know how that will play out, but I'm interested in seeing how the story is throughout the MP experience.

IIC0mPLeXII - lol agreed all the campaign was "Wrecker do this, Wrecker, do that. Wrecker, Wrecker, Wrecker!"

Christopher1704d ago

I only question the fact that we're now paying $60 for multi-player only games that ask you to pay even more for future unlocks. It's a bad precedent for the availability of shooter-focused SP games going forward when they can make all their money off of just multiplayer.

JokesOnYou1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@cgoodno just my opinion...

#1 a great multiplayer only game is worth every bit or arguably more than a great singleplayer game because while SP value is generally from story experience, multi value is undoubtedly from longevity/replayability/social gaming....value is subjective but its undeniable that the heavyweight multiplayer games are PLAYED far, far more on avg per user than even their *great SP counterparts, to each his own but that is a significant plus in favor of *great multi games.

#2 A great game does not NEED DLC= All you have to do is decide if the content at launch stands on its own as something worth YOUR $60....whats released later isnt a big deal if you already know you got your moneys worth. I happily bought games like DR3, Ryse, others at launch, still enjoying them here and there (need a 4 more collectibles for 100% completion of Ryse on Legendary) and I feel not 1 ounce of incentive to purchase any DLC or microtranactions= I flat out hate dlc and especially microtranactions with a passion and I refuse to buy any dlc UNLESS it's truly compelling content I feel was made for 100% fan service AFTER the regular game was finished...sort of like a go between sequels. At any rate my point is it shouldn't bother you that some pay more for dlc to add to their experience as long as you can walk away knowing you got a great game initially upfront for $60.

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Volkama1704d ago

So far the vaunted integration of spectacular and cinematic gameplay into the multiplayer environment is not evident at all.

You get a guy that tells you the basic premise of the game type, you get updates on whether you are winning or losing, and in some game modes you get a quite entertaining evacuation attempt for the losing team. That's not anything like what they promised.

BUT as JackAnderson says, maybe the campaign settings are a different game type entirely, and we just haven't seen them yet.

Ashby_JC1704d ago

The stated that the BETA did not have the integrated story/MP portion.

Its in the FULL retail game.

listenkids1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I've put some quality time into the beta this last weekend, and I'm somewhat disappointed, of course I let the hype get the better of me.

It's fun, in some ways, fast paced and overall solid, but it's just not the saviour of FPS, it's nothing spectacular. The bots take away so much of what MP is about for me. Too many Titans running around without any difficulty in even having access to them ( I get that's the point of the game but it's just messy ).

Graphics, I played maxed out on PC and I believe these are placeholder textures(?) because damn, they better be.

I'm gutted, oh well, disagrees welcome.

Rooted_Dust1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I kind of got that feeling too. I really feels like a mod or spin-off of Call of Duty to me. It's just a little too Arcade-y for my taste.

I'd still like to see how they work the story elements into it.

Fishy Fingers1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Saviour of FPS? I didn't realise the undisputed dominate genre in gaming needed saving.

listenkids1704d ago

Tell that to those claiming this is the second coming of Christ.

Hicken1704d ago

It needs saving from itself, which should be prettyobvious.

Baka-akaB1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I dunno why people feel that such a faster pace and more twitch based mechanics doesnt already makes a world of difference , given the current panel of popular mp fps titles around (hint mostly "slow" military team based stuff , and a more arcade COD).

There is a drought of such pure arcade titles in the landscape , so i welcome the title . No need for singular saviors , such return to variety and nuance will be the saving graces of the genre .

I agree about the bots however .

Eamon1704d ago

Completely agree. There is parkour for crying out loud. In COD you have to climb stairs to reach a higher level - not wall-run sides of buildings!

As for bots, well I dunno. I mostly ignore them. They aren't harmless nor a significant theat. They don't make much difference and fortunately they don't add to your kill score.

And not to mention, the titans completely change the way the battle flows. The only real similarity between Titanfall and COD is that they're both fast paced.

InSpectre1704d ago

This is what is always strange about the gaming press when acclaim is "universal."

Read actual player comments and it's a full range of opinions from love to hate.

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