Best Next Gen Rumors that are Most Likely True

In a world where Xbox One and PS4 are taking over, rumors both potentially true and most likely false arise. Along with a bunch of bogus information the odds of some of the rumors you hear being true are pretty good. We have heard a lot of information about next-gen games that has been very pleasing. A lot of this heartwarming information comes in the form of solid rumors and those are what we want to pay tribute to today. Out of all the rumors about next gen gaming that have been brought up which of these rumors will most likely turn out to be the beautiful truth?

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TheSuperior 2484d ago

I hope these are all true!

SheaHoff2484d ago

Another Red Dead Redemption would be awesome :)

Link2DaFutcha2484d ago

New Red Dead would be great, one of my favorite rockstar games.

WeAreLegion2484d ago

Bully deserves a sequel. The atmosphere in that game is insane. I'd love another Red Dead, too. Rockstar made a better western than Hollywood has in thirty years.