Call of Duty pre-order numbers are low, who will be the next FPS king?

Videogamedebate writes:

Call of Duty has long reigned supreme in terms of overall sales for a console game. It’s instant accessibility, coupled with its popularity among teenage boys and the esports crowd have seen sales showing no signs of letting up, until now that is.

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ZodTheRipper3084d ago

Destiny will be the go-to shooter this year... it has great competitive modes as well.

mhunterjr3084d ago

I think Destiny will be the goto FPS for PS4 owners. Folks who have Xbox will be equally if not more interested in playing Halo:MCE. Either way, gamers have better options than COD...

Zuperman3084d ago

who cares about FPS... 2014 is the year of GAMES! I remember a time during the PS2 era where I was excited to play all types of games. During the PS3 era, I was only focused on shooters and what's "HOT & POPULAR" I miss having gaming memories..

mhunterjr3084d ago


FPS are games... This article is specifically about shooters, but there are plenty of games on other genre's coming out this year...

I'm personally looking forward to Forza horizon, sunset over drive, dance central, halo, Destiny, and a bunch of smaller titles...

MasterCornholio3083d ago

A collection of fantastic Bungie/343 games versus a new Bungie game.

It all depends if Xbox fans want something new or replay something that they played before.

Both are great options though and I expect the two to do quite well on Xbox One.

sinjonezp3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


I kind of get where you going about fps. I think gamers are a little but burnt out in fps games. Especially in my gaming circles. While it could be other things like, man cod, same thing every year, etc. The options of games that are good shows that other genres are getting a lot of love. I myself will be playing a lot of destiny on ps4, after black ops 2 and b the latest battlefield, I want to take a little break from that "modern shooter" genre. Are people tired of fps? Are people tired of cod? Are people desiring more indie? There is a lot questions but the numbers don't lie and cod needs to do something to create that desire they once had. Heck, maybe bring back team kills lol .

choujij3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

@mhunterjr: The pre-orders for Destiny on Xbox One are higher than MCC.

OT: Glad to see gamers are starting to come to their senses.

No_Limit3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


That is because Destiny has been available for pre order since it was announced last year and MCC won't be available until November has something to do with it.

mhunterjr3083d ago


I would certainly hope Destiny pre-orders are ahead of Halo:MCE... Destiny has be up for pre order for over a year, and is coming out before halo...

Eonjay3083d ago

COD is launching in November. When it launches it will be number 1.

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Magicite3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Funny thing is, that both games, Destiny and COD are published by Activision, so they win anyway and win big time.
But then again I wish people would buy other genres more, shooters have gone too far.

OpieWinston3083d ago

Destiny wasn't built with Competitive MP in mind. It was built with Co-op in mind.

The competitive mode will be solid but it isn't going to be as balanced as you think. Considering the weapon variants in the game.

Hype kills games, and Destiny is running with Titanfall/Watch Dogs levels of hype.

At the moment Titanfall is the "Go-to Shooter"...Halo MC will probably overtake it. Especially since it has Halo 5 Guardians Beta (Dec 27th)

We all know BF Hardline/CoD AW are both dead in the sand.

DanteVFenris6663083d ago

Fallout is still the go to shooter for me, cause sadly no fps can even compare to it's grandness. Even after 5 years... That's sad. Also Titan fall didn't sell that much so I would still say sadly cod still is

Myzster3083d ago

I've played Watch Dogs, Titanfall, and the Destiny Alpha. The only game that kept me interested was the Destiny Alpha--less than 10% of the full retail launch game according to Bungie's community manager.

Watch Dogs and Titanfall were hyped by Playstation and Xbox, respectfully. With Destiny, I became hyped by actually playing it and researching the game.

Hype does not kill games--the games do.

ForgivenZombie3083d ago

I agree, but I also plan on playing Dragon Age, Middle Earth, The Order and Far Cry 4.

3-4-53082d ago

The FPS Market is wide open right now.

A lot of FPS gamers are kind of just waiting to see what the next big thing is.

People now, more than any time in the last 5-10 years are really open to finding that new FPS game to get hooked on.

We've seen was COD,BF&Titanfall can do and they are all kind of ok to good, but nothing great or special.

They Opportunity and opening within that portion of the gaming market is open.

If somebody came along and in Nov 2015 there was a new FPS game that was hands down better than either COD or BF like BY FAR, then everybody would jump over to that or most people would.

It's still early and the options are still varied and plenty.

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ramiuk13084d ago

i truely believe that destiny will be the cause of the low preorders .
BF4 has almost killed themselves and lost alot of trust,cod is rehash constantly and if they have rethought and changed alot,it needs to be seen to be believed as we constantly told the same bull by them every year and it turns out exactly same as previous years.

destiny looks solid,with ambisous devs and devs that people trust.

MrSwankSinatra3084d ago

Hopefully there is not another FPS king. I want this generation to be varied.

MooseWI3083d ago

There can be a "king" of every genre...

MrSwankSinatra3083d ago

There doesn't need to be a "King" at all.

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Bigpappy3083d ago

RPG/FPS. Strong emphasis on RPG.

DanteVFenris6663083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Simply the best fps this year. Ubisoft if anyone's noticed has been destroying activision and ea in innovation and games. I don't even think I've bought an ea or activision game in years

Edit: wait I forgot ea still has bioware, but I'd like to think bioware is different then ea as a whole. Bioware makes good games, but the rest of ea not so much

Omnisonne3083d ago

I really hope FC4 will still have a map editor to play around with, its probably one of the main reasons i played the previous titles

OUROSMAG3083d ago

Destiny is gonna be the hot ticket this year, at least in my opinion. The Alpha was awesome, and I hope we get to see at least one more mode in MP.

jayswolo3083d ago

There are 5 iirc. One of them is basically Kill Confirmed, except in reverse...kind of. You can revive teammates and if you revive them, you get a point.