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iamnsuperman2366d ago

It looks pretty good. Shame they had to pad out the trailer with the ridiculous team chat. Should have just showed it for what it was because it would have carried some weight without it

Transporter472366d ago

I think it looks cool. If you ever played a game called "SWAT" its the same exact thing, I am not sure if Ubisoft copied the formula and pasted it for this Raibow Six game and they killed Rainbow Six Patriots...

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2366d ago

Ubisoft with another great E3...

Shape up looks really dope prolly the Only game that would make me want a X1 for .... deadass... Microsoft games just dont appeal to me idk y even though Phantom Dust did.. other then that nothing

Rainbow Six is awesome been waiting for this dam game to get re-announced...


Actually, the original Rainbow Six were not that different from this rescue mission either.

But to actually give the classic tactical shooters feel this will need some major bullet mechanics work and damage buff. Those bullet sponge moments were awful as well as how bad the hit detection seens to be... I know it's just pre-alpha, may very well had been rigged like that just for the E3 demo, but still this is primary concern for any tactical shooter so I hope they have that worked on.

gamertk4212366d ago

^^^this, but no worries, it is pre-alpha.

Peppino72366d ago

SO far this was my wow for the day! I loved the teamwork with the countdown timer. My new very anticipated game! I know its pre alpha but I really hope the graphics get a lot better because it didn't seem like it was in a wide area that graphics should suffer.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2366d ago

I agree the stock voices were cringe-worthy at best. Let the game play do the talking......

Pandemic2366d ago

The destruction is just.. Awesome.


Yep, i noticed how awesome it is!

fenome2366d ago

Looks good, I like the concept and the destruction looks on point. Can't wait to see more on this one

Agent_00_Revan2366d ago

That house was completely destroyed. Amazing

KTF262366d ago

it's pre-alpha footage
so don't expect it before 2016

Themba762366d ago

looks like i might have to give up battlefield and come back to rainbow six

Majin-vegeta2366d ago

Love me some G36C gameplay :3

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The story is too old to be commented.