PS4 & Xbox One Very Close To Each Other Technically, Games Line-up Matters: Rayman Legends Dev

"For all the hype and hullabaloo about the PS4 being more powerful than the Xbox One - which it is, make no mistake - it's easy to forget just how similar both systems are. How does that affect development then when you have two consoles were spectacularly similar but with key differences in frame rate and resolution? How does that matter in the long run?"

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lazygamer3278d ago

"PS4 & Xbox One Very Close To Each Other Technically"

Microsoft is paying us to gimp the PS4 version.

Rig_Master3278d ago

Standard operating procedure for Microsoft:

"I've talked to more people since then though and this isn't the usual jostling for publishers on stage that happens at E3. Microsoft is throwing BIG money around to reverse course on idea that they aren't a games console. The rumors are that PS4 versions of multiplats, by those who do take the money, won't be shown AT ALL. Not on stage and not on the show floor. "

And everyone remembers Microsoft getting caught forcing third party developers to sign contracts that forbid them from making the PS3 version of multiplatform games look better.

etownone3278d ago

Wow... Really?

Do the conspiracy theories ever end

truefan13278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Well say whatever you will, I sense all this talk about specs is a deflection. TR the definitely edition sold like crap, the way ps4 fans boasted about it and talked about the specs, you would have thought they were going to buy it. This developer is mentioning games line-up, but that is something ps4 fans don't want to discuss. The Xb1 2014 lineup trumps the ps4 by a wide margin, after already offering the better launch Titles. XB1 players actually played Ryse, Forza, and DR3, did ps4 fans really play KZ and Knack (play not buy). In 2014 Ps4 is using up their 2 main rehashes (infamous & uncharted), with tlou sequel probably 2015, while XB1 will release Halo 5 and Fable Legends in 2015 and GOW 4 and Crackdown 3 in 2016. I can't say for certain because information is scarce, but I believe Titanfall, D4, PvZ, Project Spark, Kinect Sports Rivals, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and Halo 2 Anniversary>>>>Inf amous, Deep Down, The Order, MLB, Uncharted 4.

Deadmonkey763278d ago

Guess that's why battlefield 4 looked better on xbox one than ps4 but cod looked a little better on ps4 and not by much

xHeavYx3278d ago

It's not like Rayman requires a lot of power anyways

afterMoth3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I bet the Wii U/Xbox One graphical tier can handle Rayman in 1080p 60fps.

Charybdis3278d ago

Well goes for both sony and microsoft. Both pay for exclusive content as in case with metal gear solid.

Surely hope multi-platform titles will be shown on both consoles. Expect both sony have their fair share of multi plat and exclusives titles being displayed at E3.

Baccra173278d ago

It's not like you're lying. EA especially did this last generation because they didn't want one game to look better than the other on a different console. I was hoping that crap would end but it looks like it's here to stay.

majiebeast3278d ago


Lol BF4 doesnt look better on Xbone are you out of your damn mind. I think you need glasses.

Xsilver3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

@truefan of xbox
"XB1 players actually played Ryse, Forza, and DR3, did ps4 fans really play KZ and Knack."

lmao are you serious?

"In 2014 Ps4 is using up their 2 main rehashes in the first year, with tlou sequel probably 2015, while XB1 will release Halo 5 in 2015 and GOW 4 and Crackdown 3 in 2016."

SO now you don't want more games in one year :/.

Titanfall, D4, PvZ, Kinect Sports Rivals, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and Halo 2 Anniversary <<<<<<<In famous, Deep Down, The Order, MLB, Uncharted 4,Planetside 2,Everquest Next,Inner Sanctum,Everybody Gone to the rapture,Guilty Gear Xrd Sign,Primal Carnage: Genesis,Rime,Shadow of the Beast,SOMA,Transistor ,War Thunder. FIXED :)

Baccra173278d ago

This was EA's and many game companies policy during last generation. You don't want one version of a game on one console looking better than the other because one console was more powerful than the other, so you gimped the powerful consoles version of the game so that you had parity because game makers felt it would hurt the sale of the game on the less powerful console.

I was hoping this practice would end but I see it's here to stay.

ABizzel13278d ago

They are close technically, and nearly identical in architecture. The problem is one has significantly faster system RAM in GDDR5, and a more powerful GPU.

And for a Rayman game, 1080p @ 60fps should be easily achieved on both platforms. But when more demanding games that extra speed and power are why the PS4 versions end up ahead.

Utalkin2me3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


Please where did you get your info on BF4 looking better on Xbox1 over Ps4? You're joking right, you do understand there was comparisons done right?

darthv723278d ago

Come on guys. Its not like we are comparing the 2600 to the NES here. both platforms have more similarities than differences so lets just leave it in the capable hands of the developers to bring forth the strengths of each platform.

Stop all the **** measuring in this generation for once. The broken record is still broken and should be changed into something we can all dance to. Now lets decide on disco, funk or something else.

Volkama3278d ago

Bacore that theory is rubbish. When EA or anybody else releases a game their competition is other games on the platform, other games on other platforms, other forms of entertainment and anything else people may spend their money on.

They do not gimp one version to please fanboys. There is often a baseline of parity in a game where that makes sense from a development/cost perspective, but that isn't the reason your PS3 games didn't run better. "Gimping" a game on purpose would do nothing but damage for the publisher.

kopicha3278d ago


same thing to you, say whatever you want or assume whatever you like. it does not change the fact that the hardware is indeed more superior overall. the numbers on specs does not lie. anyone with enough intelligent that understand technology will understand that.

kopicha3278d ago

not to disrespect the game lead of Rayman Legends. But honestly speaking you dont even need a next gen system to make a game like this. Those additional available power is irrelevant at least to this game. however the fact about the hardware between the 2 is that yes they are probably not as huge as a day and night difference. But definitely not "Very Close To Each Other Technically"

AngelicIceDiamond3278d ago

@lazy Yep that's exactly what it is. You have it all figured out now.

At this point can anyone really take the community serious at this point?

Ubisoft stated practically the same thing last year.

I guess MS is paying them off alll the way back in June.

If any dev says anything nice about X1 they're getting paid off right people?

How dare they compliment Xbox around here...

assdan3277d ago

It means that they operate in a similar way, but the ps4 is far stronger.

MRMagoo1233277d ago

Dont we all know this all ready , they have the same kind of hardware and all, but the PS4 is still the stronger better hardware, why is this news? My PC is pretty much the same as my wifes yet my PC still has more power because the things that are the same are better specced, my pc has a video card her pc has a video card.

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CYCLEGAMER3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I would like to encourage you all to watch this video, and wake up. Please watch the entire video!

Wow...I just posted this comment 4 minutes ago, the video I posted is 9 minutes long, and I already got a disagree. You guys are hilarious!! the entire vid, as a "gamer" you may learn something.

Deadmonkey763278d ago

Most of the haters can't stand the fact that someone speaks the truth. I own a lot of systems even the more hard to find or rare systems because I'm a gamer love my neogeo and my turbo grafx 16 I've got the wiiu and xbox one they have great games and I'm waiting for the great games come to ps4 before I buy one. And for some POS to dog another gamer and there system of choice or the system itself is in my opinion not a gamer not a real gamer anyways

CYCLEGAMER3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

EXACTLY....I feel like us true gamers are a dying breed or hidden. We are out numbered by trolls and company loyalist. IMO these are the people that are killing the industry and our hobby.

What you are doing is smart and it makes complete sense

LeCreuset3278d ago

What is your video, and why is it important for people to take 9 minutes to watch it? It is a pet peeve of mine when people try to make an argument by saying something like, "watch this video." If it were that great, and you learned something, you would be able to articulate an argument based on that information, instead of just saying to watch the video. I don't know what your point is supposed to be, or what side you're coming down on, but it's pretty ridiculous that you expect people to watch a 9 minute video because it is something that wowed YOU. I may come away from that thinking, "That made no sense at all. What was Melman so hyped about?" Give us something more than just "watch the entire video."

Utalkin2me3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Sorry i watched 15 secs and i couldn't put up with the guy anymore. if he was the one getting bullied i can see why.


Sounds like you get your feelings hurt and need to stay out of the comment section my friend. You live in the middle eastern part of the states?

Mkai283278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I agree, a lot of "gamers" down vote you and even argue with u because you say something that doesn't favor their plastic god. (Which ever console it may be) I remember playing games because they were fun. Don't remember playing a game because the system was technically better then another. ( Atari jaguar anyone) (3DO). We all knew how they turned out. If any fanboy(young kids because that's what they mostly are) tries to question me in the store why I brought this or that with my own money, I think I would punch him in the face.

Besides, we were busy going outside playing sports. Now everyone is fat, a dying breed indeed.

johndoe112113278d ago

What the hell does that video have to do with the topic at hand?


It is nothing that I have learned from the vid, it is something that I am tired of articulating and typing long paragraphs about, here on n4g. It's something that I want this gaming community to learn and understand instead of being naive and ignorant to what it means to be a true gamer.

The point of the vid is to say that no matter how powerful any console is (the difference in ps4 and xb1 is small), it all boils down to the games. All of this small talk about pixels and brand loyalty that so called gamers have to these companies, are killing the industry. How you say?? Well if someone is unwilling to purchase a console simply because of brand loyalty to its competitor or because of resolution talk, how will the gaming industry thrive?? We as gamers need say screw the companies and focus more on the actual games that are being released.

LeCreuset3278d ago


So, you're tired of articulating and typing it, but you want us to spend 9 minutes watching it. Well, I'm glad I didn't, now that you've somewhat articulated your point. It sounds like a problem on your end of conveniently oversimplifying, and failing to understand, the arguments being made. We all know it boils down to the games, but no one is saying that the games don't matter, are they? So you, and others, are arguing a point that wasn't in dispute. I do agree with you that gamers can't just dig into the trenches and defend a company, no matter what. That's not what's happening when people bring up the performance difference though. In fact, the only reason to not acknowledge it, or to not want it acknowledged, is if you are dug into the trenches for a company. Why shouldn't performance factor into my decision when buying a console, especially when the more powerful one is $100 less? You falsely try to tie two separate things together: being an unquestioning fanboy for a brand, and comparing performance between consoles. The latter is something that the former cares not for, as they're going to defend, defend, defend their preferred console anyway.

When one console is doing something better than the other(s), it should be pointed out. That's what creates competition and improves the industry. That is, unless die hard fanboys refuse to acknowledge that the other system is doing something better, or try to downplay it. In that case, no pressure is put on those fanboy's supported console manufacturer to improve. THAT hurts the industry. Differences between platforms have been pointed out since Sega was duking it out with Nintendo. People were just more honest back then, instead of pretending that something the other system did better wasn't significant. As for your worries about the state of the industry, I suggest you check the sales records broken by the new systems.

SilentNegotiator3278d ago

That has absolutely NOTHING to do with this article.

Stedron3278d ago

Could of used this video back in 2006-2009...oh well

webeblazing3277d ago

Lol fanboys are the worst

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malokevi3278d ago

hmmmmmmmmmm... who to believe.... the many devs who have said this... or N4G Fanboy... god this is a conundrum.



Xsilver3278d ago

or the games that run at higher Resolutions and framrate on one console i mean who needs proof right :/.

Utalkin2me3278d ago

If you can provide some links to your "many Devs" statement. I would like to see you back up your comment. Cause i am pretty sure i could out post you on links of comments from devs stating otherwise, just saying.

MRMagoo1233277d ago

all the devs have ever said is they are similar in architecture, we all know that , but we also know that the PS4 architecture is more powerful and came produce better graphics and performance easily, seen by COD ,BF4 and all other multiplats.

Blaze9293278d ago

lol there you have it, N4G logic. If a developer who's job it is to actually work on these two systems says something that isn't in Sony's favor - then it simply isn't true.

But that 50% difference though? Lol I can't believe you all actually thought the PS4 was FIFTY percent stronger/faster....yet again and again, can't show one game to back that up. More and more devs will all start coming out saying this. Once that new SDK arrives too, this whole 1080p debate will be over with.

Just face it.

user74029313278d ago

lol all multiplats are superior on ps4, we ps4 gamers aren't getting a watered down version like you guys. :p

SilentNegotiator3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

There you have it: N4G Logic. A bunch of games running at higher resolutions and framerates on one console is circumstantial, but one designer of 2D games calls them "close" and then suddenly you feel better about ignoring that the Ps4 has 50% more raw power.

"yet again and again, can't show one game to back that up"

The denial is strong with this one. If a bunch of games with 720p:900p, 720p:1080p, and 900p:1080p differences don't convince you, then just continue to live in your little world.

Utalkin2me3278d ago

People like ignoring facts to back up the fantasy world they live in to make them feel better. Its a common defense tactic.


So I told @silentnegotiator to show me a game on the ps4 that looks 50% better than an xb1 game, or better yet lets take the best looking games for both consoles and show me a 50% difference.

He cant answer that so he rights me back to say I'm blocked. fanboys are delusional, and have bought into your on hype for a company and its product....please get over your fanboyism so that we can all continue to game on.

SilentNegotiator3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


We all know how you would respond no matter what I said "NOPE RYSE IS BETS LOOKIN GAMM EVR". You're only blocked from wasting my time with PMs anyway; I'm never too busy to prove someone wrong on the public stage of a comments section (I think the only people I have blocked that way were spammers and spoiler accounts).

The pixel count of 1080p is more than twice of 720p. The increase of 900p from 720p is almost 40%. The increase from 900p to 1080p is more than 50%. It's not rocket science; PS4 is about 50% more capable than Xbox One in raw specs.

LeCreuset3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


He probably blocked you for blowing his inbox up with your rantings, like you've been doing mine. Since you like to discuss the content of private conversations, in public, I'll go ahead and paste one that you sent to me. It runs counter to your claim to be so tired of fanboyism:

"Ironically I am out of bubbles :o)
My point is that the argument being made is a small one. I had both consoles in my home at the same time being played on the same tv. TECHNALLY there is a difference...REALISTICALLY in real time it isn't noticeable to the naked eye. Having played Battlefield on both consoles on the same tv, helped me realize how ignorant this resolution gate talk is, I also realized that it is a diversion/tactic that Sony fanboys use to get away from the discussion of actual games, simply because the ps4 is lacking in the NEXT GEN GAME area.

"The video had everything to do with the topic considering resolution talk has been the mainstay on 'gaming websites' like this one. The focus needs to shift from bs like that to games. Sadly I have a feeling that this will not change until the ps4 gets more exclusives. Only then will the Sony drones be willing to discuss games instead of diverting to resolution or minute power gaps."

MarkusMcNugen3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

It seems to me that a lot of people are keen to shout the specs and say the PS4 has 50% more raw power, but always seem to forget that CUs fall under the law of diminishing returns. More ROPs dont equate to a 1:1 increase in performance either.

"The increase from 900p to 1080p is more than 50%."

Im generally curious as to where you attained your 50% more figure here. Is that in refrence to the 40% from 720p to 900p added on to 900p to 1080p? I only ask because the maths dont add up to 50% from 900p to 1080p.

900p = 1,440,000 pixels
1080p = 2,073,600 pixels
Difference equals more or less 44%, and if are rounding than we would round down not up.

SilentNegotiator3277d ago

I did some quick math because at that point, I had already mentioned that 1080p is more than twice as many pixels as 720p.

MarkusMcNugen3277d ago


Gotcha. Thats why I asked. Fair enough ;)

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TheTwelve3278d ago

You hear that the gap is wide or that they are close together, but you never hear that the X1 is more powerful.

stuna13278d ago

Deep pockets go a long way in this corrupt world today!

There is no denying facts, regardless of who's being paid to masquerade around with a facsimile of the truth! At this juncture in time actions have beat out conjecture, opinion, heresay, embellishment. The machines have been broken down, hardware exposed, comparisons made, undeniable truths revealed! Just because some want to continue to be slapped in the face with cold hard facts, doesn't change the reality of things.

This is more than likely one of the reasonings behind why certain investors want to spin off the Xbox brand as well as Bing, because the realize the resources and expenditures that the Xbox brand swallow up! Sure someone will follow up saying Microsoft are money gods, but realize this also; the Xbox is not Microsoft! It is a division of Microsoft, therefore the rules of monetary commitment apply.

Microsoft likes money, and a billion dollars toward game support and development is nothing to sneeze at! Investors want as quick a return as possible.

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Mikelarry3278d ago

so close yet so far as the old saying goes. he is right tho the games library is what make or break a system and as gamers no matter how much we tout power if the games are not there we would choose the other

moegooner883278d ago

He is a multiplat developer, so he is trying to sell his game on both platforms, it would be awkward if he was saying otherwise.

Dread3278d ago

wow a few minutes ago you posted in another article were the world of tanks developers praised the xbox one that they only did it because they are making a game for MS.

so now basically any developer who praises MS is a biased liar.

I hope you say the same thing when a developer praises sony.

although I have a feeling that you are another hypocrite double standards osny fanboy.

Utalkin2me3278d ago


Seriously guy you have reading problems? Or you just have problems understanding things?

Your not going to knock a system when you're trying to sell a product on it. Your going to praise a system a little more when it's your only platform you're selling on.

Mikelarry3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


Please reread my comment, I agree with a certain statement the developer touches on In this article which is games make a system please drop your agenda and read a comment for what it is and stop trying to incite some fanboy jab with a baseless argument because you paranoid

lifeisgamesok3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Sony fans keep quoting old spec numbers but a lot of big name developers say the power difference is close

Just a few articles

Kayant3278d ago

"Sony fans keep quoting old spec numbers but a lot of big name developers say the power difference is close" - Yh like how all these DF face offs have shown /s.

Keep living in that bubble. You don't need to quote spec sheets when you have real performance data that tell the difference as it is.

cbuc11253278d ago

The difference in price isnt. I'll take .01% more powerful for $100 less ANY day of the week! To pay more for less is asinine.

-Foxtrot3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

You know these "Sony fans" could easily post a crap load of links which say the opposite.

Your first link is from Capcom - Nuff said really

Second link is from CD Projekt Red - Never done a Sony game before

Third link is from a Microsoft conference

lonelyplayer3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

well no matter what people say the games have higher resolution, better textures and higher frames/s on PS4, the gap is already there and every body(except blind fanboys) can see.

The best thing about numbers is that they NEVER lie.

MarkusMcNugen3277d ago

The gap exists, and yes only blind fanboys would say one doesnt exist to a certain extent. But there is a debate the most gamers with allegiance to one side dont really get into which is the value between function, performance, and games. It's really all subjective and I personally found the offerings from Microsoft to be of a higher value to me so I bought and Xbox One. Each value is weighed differently for each person which is where the perceived value differences fall between consumers.

The ability to unify my living room devices into one system is appealing to me, and add in the functions of the kinect and the extra $100 is justified to me. Not all people feel the same way and they are entitled to their opinion.

BTW, numbers may not lie but the people coming up with those numbers do. Ever heard of statistics?

YodaCracker3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

When multiplatform games performed worse on the PS3, the fanboys always blamed the developers for being "lazy". It was not the fault of the PS3 architecture, but "lazy" or "incompetent" developers. Wonder where those people are now? Oh yeah, it's Xbox this time so the double standards ensue again.

morganfell3277d ago

Those people are right here Yoda. Right here.

You can't compare the two situations. You want to...but you can't.

Not only impartial engineers but also several developers demonstrated the PS3 was more powerful. It was merely more difficult to code software and the tool suite was not as developed. Once the dev suite became more advanced and coders and engineers became familiar with the architecture the PS3 easily beat the 360 soundly in power and performance.

That isn't the case here.

The X1 does not have some latent power or secret sauce for which devs have not learned how to code. ESRAM is burden, not a blessing. The PS4 is more powerful. period. It isn't a statistic or lack of familiarity with the X1, it is simply the fact that the X1 is a less powerful machine and by more than a yeard.

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Kayant3278d ago

Well facts/Face-Offs say otherwise..... Am guessing this will be a continued trend with most devs trying to appease both parties until the game arrives and we have the DF faceoffs etc which tell the real truth.

MorePowerOfGreen3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

The first rumors that revealed resolution differences would be in launch games before the consoles released also claimed it was because MSFT was behind on the dev tools.

The dev tool part of the rumors were conveniently swept under the rug with massive selective memories by XB1 hate bandwagon riders.

MSFT being behind on SDK rumors came out before the resolution rumors, the lagging SDK rumors came out the same time as the DRM rumors.

This argument is pointless because MSFT's "Platform as a service (PaaS)" Azure cloud compute servers will make this topic irrelevant.

Please don't bring up "Software as a service (SaaS)" *on-demand content* Servers used by services like Onlive streaming games.

Dam PS4 fanboys have nothing but this delusion that PS4 is a untouchable supercomputer and that's not even real. They're getting more rabid by the day with the damage control spinning as they come to realize it. No games, No real excitement, just hate and the delusions of hardware.

Kayant3278d ago

"Dam PS4 fanboys have nothing but this delusion that PS4 is a untouchable supercomputer and that's not even rea" - I don't even think I have seen the most rabid PS fanboys say this but ok.

So cloud to save the day. Well I guess we have to wait and see.

"No games, No real excitement, just hate and the delusions of hardware" - Sigh. This again not going to even bother.

pyramidshead3277d ago

Damn, N4g is getting to you haha.