Top Ten Co-Op Multiplayer Games

Phil writes, "After coming off one of the most satisfying co-op gaming experiences in recent years with It Takes Two (you can read more about the fun times that were had with the game with the SPC review), it only makes sense to follow that up with a special edition of The Tuesday 10s that focuses on ten of the better co-op games around. We'll be diving and delving into a lot of modern games, for sure, but there will be a couple classics tossed into this list as well. So, sit back, get comfortable, perhaps even get a buddy to read this article with you (as that would be rather fitting), and get ready for this latest installment of The Tuesday 10s!"

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BlackDoomAx548d ago

The ones that comes to my mind: For the recent ones Monster hunter world, Dead by daylight, Remnant from the ashes, Vermintide 2, Killing floor 2, Smite, Apex legends, Super mario 3D world, Destiny 2, Squadrons, Knock out, War thunder.

For older ones: All the Monster hunters, all the Marios, Timesplitters 2, The lord of the rings: the two towers and the return of the king, the LEGO games Broforce, Gauntlet seven sorrows, Star wars Battlefront 1 & 2, the Metal slugs, all the 4 players on Neo geo arcade. There are too much good ones on old arcade games btw.