Why Ubisoft Won't Release Another Rayman Game

In the summer of 2021, E3 returned. It was a time of great excitement and anticipation that followed a year in which the gaming industry changed in a big way. While presenters like Xbox stole the show, some other companies didn't fare quite as well. At the other end of the spectrum, there's Ubisoft, which many fans felt had one of the most disappointing presentations at E3 2021. There were several games and franchises from the developer's catalog that were conspicuously absent, like "Beyond Good and Evil 2," "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell," and "Star Wars," but that's not all. Some fans may have noticed a lack of information on a beloved series that's been relegated to mobile platforms since 2013.

The last time Rayman starred in his own non-mobile game was in 2013's "Rayman Legends." Since then, the classic Ubisoft hero was left in the dust once more, leaving many to wonder if he will ever appear in a proper main-series title again. Here's why you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a new "Rayman" game.

NotanotherReboot998d ago

Ubisoft are the worst gaming company right now - change my mind

Rebel_Scum998d ago

Rockstar is up there and I mean the Rockstar now compared to the Rockstar of old.

Elda998d ago

It seems they only make GTA & RDR now,at this point in time it seems those games come out every decade.

Rebel_Scum998d ago


Exactly, its depressing how little they release nowadays.

LucasRuinedChildhood998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Rockstar have bad business practices (e.g Shark Cards) but RDR2 had a great story, was very polished, the world felt alive and it was just a very complete single player game. I know some didn't like the slow pace but the quality was there. It was like a next gen game that somehow ran on a PS4. It's hard for me to properly hate them because of this but Rockstar of old was better though (loads of great games, not just 2 per decade).

It's good that we all agree that Ubisoft sucks though. They've fallen far below EA for me. At least EA have EA Originals (UbiArt is dead) and Respawn are making good games. Even comparing Ubi to Activision ... at least Pro Skater, Crash and Spyro got perfect remakes. The Sands Of Time's remake looks straight-up banjaxed. Their games are too similar and I never buy them anymore.

998d ago
talocaca998d ago

Konami says hi 🙋‍♂️

brewin998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Valhalla was great, despite the haters. It also sold amazing. Rockstar is WAY worse. they dont even release games anymore, just content for the milkfest. Also, Sonic games are the worst games out, change my mind. I guess you just have crappy taste.

NotanotherReboot998d ago

damn someone is mad over a profile picture lmao

Venoxn4g998d ago

Sonic Mania, Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors are good games IMO

RaiderNation998d ago

Activision is worse but I'm not fond of Ubisoft either. It's ironic but the last Ubisoft game I bought actually was Rayman Legends on PS4.

CaptainHenry916998d ago

EA too. Just because they made Star Wars: Fallen Order doesn't mean they get a pass.

NotanotherReboot997d ago

Other things EA have done that I like in the past year or so: put their library and new releases back on Steam, cool platformer games like it Takes Two & Unravel. Remade Mass Effect trilogy and is bringing back Skate & Dead Space. The new Battlefield looks really cool!
Now we need to see if Bioware can be redeemed with the new Dragon Age & mass effect

CaptainHenry916997d ago

The new Battlefield will be all microtransactions

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Android998d ago

It was always going to be due to sales. Shame, I really enjoyed Rayman.

Tapani998d ago

Because they know they can't top Legends, which is one of the best 2D platforming games ever made.

NotanotherReboot998d ago

thats why they should make a new 3D rayman ;)

brewin998d ago

As good as the Rayman games are, they didnt sell for crap and thats why we wont see anymore!

Elda998d ago

Guessing no one can come up with any original designs that would top the last Rayman.

Immagaiden998d ago

The most we can hope for is a Rayman cameo in the Mario + Rabbids sequel

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Will There Ever Be A New Rayman Game?

Ubisoft barely have a leg to stand on lately, so do they need to crack open the vaults and return platforming royalty to glory for some goodwill?

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-Foxtrot47d ago

We need Rayman 4, they could make a great platformer game if they wanted. With the open hub levels and the like.

Better than relying on Rabbids and Assassins Creed all the time

Profchaos47d ago

Yeah agree id love a Rayman 2 style 3d platform game over another 2d platformer I know people loved legends but it never gelled with me same as Rayman 1 back in the day on PS it just felt like a average platformer with sonic and Mario offering something better on what was then last gen hardware