Biggest Flops of 2013

GamersBliss writes: "No one likes it when a game doesn’t do well. 2013 was such a huge year for gaming in larger ways than usual with the release of Xbox One and PS4 that some games glided right under the radar. Some anticipated games that slipped from development rose from their grave and snuck out for release where some hugely popular games didn’t crush the sales charts like expected. Rather it is a large game that nearly destroyed a fan favorite series or a game that simply went unnoticed due to lack in proper marketing, 2013 actually held quite a few flops in terms of game releases. With the buzz focusing on new consoles games were a little bit thrown and for that we have created a list of the biggest flops of 2013."

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TheSuperior 1710d ago

Its a damn shame that Ride to Hell ended out the way it did because back in 08 i was excited for that game.

A game that did much better than i thought it would was Bioshock Infinite. I thought they took such a turn for the series by bringing it to the sky that some wouldnt like it. A lot of people, including myself, think it was the best in the series tho. Good for Bioshock! :)

Link2DaFutcha1710d ago

I'm glad Tomb Raider finally managed to turn a profit, fantastic game, and I hope it leads to some new lara croft adventures with the same style of gameplay

TheSuperior 1710d ago

It struggled alot there in the begining but i think they pulled it out into a sucess or at least will with the re-release. Im just unsure how i feel with no backwards compatibility and a re-release so soon... i mean for the furture of gamnig thats not good at all.

SheaHoff1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Yeah - I really hope they're not discouraged enough to stop making Lara Croft games in the future!

VTKC1710d ago

The Gears of War Story is over. Judgement is an attempt to milk the Gears franchise. It failed. Now they hire new minions to try and milk the franchise once more. There is no "Hopefully they will kick it up a notch" Marcus and friends saved the day. Queen-dead along with the locust AND Lambent. There were sacrifices for this victory. I am guessing they will go back even further before Gears Of War and go into the Pendulum Wars.

Remember Me. I played this throughout. Its utter rubbish. Tries to be like Batman fight mechanics.


I thought Bioshock Infinite was garbage,almost as bad as the launch lineups for the next gen consoles.
GT6 was pretty underwhelming as well,in fact I consider it worse in a sense than GT5,a 'flop',I'm not sure but definitely a disappointment.
Call of Duty isn't a flop per se,I personally find it mundane and repetitive to the point of absolute mental exhaustion and know exactly how terrible it will be beforehand,no disappointment really.

Ride to Hell hehe,Angry Joe's favorite :)