Titanfall: Dev Explains Why You Can’t Shoot Through Walls

Despite the giant hulking mechs having the available arsenal, you won’t be able to shoot through walls in Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall.

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Septic1711d ago

Fair enough. Not a massive deal, although it can be fun to kill a camper through a wall.

Will be hard to camp with a Titan though :P

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Retard1711d ago

Only if they use energy based weapons... With no kinect force.

Cheesy to think a massive guass cannon couldn't penetrate/break concrete. Don't wine about design specs, it's next gen be innovative! No more static FPS maps! IMO those titans should be a wrecking ball

Septic1711d ago

How are you going to wall run across a pile of concrete?

It is about design, not realism.

dennett3161711d ago

@Septic The inner walls could have a steel framework that doesn't destruct when the concrete is shot away. Would allow some cool particle effects, discourage camping, and still keep the walls intact for wall running. Could have added a little extra strategy as well due to the temporary nature of the cover. Bit convoluted, but when you have giant mechs running around, realism obviously isn't a top priority.

Septic1711d ago

Running across a steel framework? That's a bit too much. (Although the skill-gap would be pretty cool- only the BOSS players could execute wall running).

Actually...that's not a bad idea on second thought. Hmm...

Kingthrash3601710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

smh...more and more little things missing.
titans that dont break walls causing destruction, bullets dont penetrate? even cod has this stuff...smh

man, what could have been evolutionary is now closer to just a fps with mechs.
septic...wake up.
"too much"? bf has this with tanks helis boats cars on last gen reason why this next gen mostly bot controlled "cloud" utilising "killer app" of a game can have something like destruction. hell bullets have been penetrating things since goldeneye on n64. shameful work...this game has too much potential to be missing things like this.

bennissimo1710d ago

Titanfall is really fun, and none of these complaints matter once you play the game.

RedSky1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

The real reason is most likely either:

1) Bullet penetration makes playing Titans too much of a cakewalk and too difficult for infantry to find cover.

2) Technical constraints with one of the platforms not being able to handle it with everything else turned on.

I think (1) is quite likely but if it's (2), then we'll probably see a sudden change of opinion when the sequel comes out.

Also penetration doesn't mean destruction. Obviously BF physics would fail for this game being it's so reliant on carefully placed walls for parkour.

dantesparda1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

You cant destroy walls cuz its using an ancient engine (man this team loves old engines and 60fps eh? 1st the Quake engine for COD and now the Source engine for Tiatnfall) that cant really do it, and they couldnt figure out how make the engine do it. Besides the system is already struggling to run this game (720p/6v6 players!?) so destructibility would have probably prevented it from running at 60fps.

Their excuse is stupid, cuz they could have easily have came up with logical reasons on how to make it work, like have walls made out of powerful metals that you cant destroy, and really are 12 people really going to destroy everything on the map? what are these tiny COD maps? They could have added underground tunnels or gave the pilots weapons to fight the Mechs with. Its all bullcrap excuses.

thekhurg1710d ago

Probably has more to do with the AI spazzing out over map destruction. Can you imagine the 38 or so AI glitching out cause someone blew some holes in the walls?

alexkoepp1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Played the alpha for several hours and never once did I think "Hey I should be able to shoot through that wall"

I was having too much fun enjoying the game to think of trivial crap like that.

The Sony fanboy Titanfall smear campaign is in full force as release approaches... not anyones fault that the PS4 doesn't have a title this exciting yet, it's just how it is

dantesparda1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

@ oh alexcoop (or whatever the hell your name is)

Nothing as exciting, we have Infamous coming out in March too kid, so recognize the nonsense you're spewing. And i'll take that over Titanfail anyday. Try again kid, you're delusional. And p.s. nobody cares about Titanfall except you fanboys, get over yourselves

alexkoepp1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Says the guy "who doesn't care about titanfall" yet is reading around in a clearly marked titanfall article

Lol get out of here you silly fanboy, you just made my point

Hottest game on n4g with 48000+, infamous 26000+

scott1821710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

lol, this is getting ridiculous.

It's so hot because there are constant damage control articles, it's almost comical at this point.

USA0071710d ago

You have forgotten one simple thing, in the future they invent super concrete. It's virtually indestructible unless a timed event happens. Pretty cool right?

Kinect force made me chuckle a bit.

dantesparda1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

@ alexkeopp

You're dreaming silly fanboy, and thats cute, you actually think i really care about your stupid little 720p 6v6 MP only game with bots. Thats funny.

And Sony fanboy smear campaign?...LOL! how bout the MS fanboy cheerleading squad/parade y'all got going? LOL!

And btw, if i really cared about the game and wanted it, i could just buy it for my PC or 360. Afterall its 720p/60fps 6v6 on the 360 too, and graphics aint everything to you X1 fantards, so whats the difference?

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Christopher1711d ago

Wouldn't make much sense, IMHO, if they could. Would mean everyone would rush to get a mech or they'd have to implement weapons that could take down a mech much faster for those outside of one.

It's a game of being able to survive on equal footing. If a mech can't see you, it can't hit you. If you can't see it, it can't hit you.

LOS rules are the most fair rules in a game like this.

Kingthrash3601710d ago

i partly agree
my thing is though it takes away the strategy potential. i mean EVEYBODY is going to rush to get a mech no matter what. maybe they shoud have one of the different mechs with this ability its slow but can take out a building while others are faster but the cover system would be awsome too. man vs. mech is already equal because you can run jetpack and attack weak spots as a man whils as a mech you cant enter a house or use cover so you should be able to destroy walls or something.

Retard1710d ago

The not so tactful response

Raiden1710d ago

I'm just going to make a point or 2, don't comment on something you have not played, fun is what gaming is all about and making comparisons with other games that are not in the same league type is dumb.

Next point is second son a single player game or multiplayer, because people seem to forget the power difference used in a single player game and a multiplayer.

I have a question, why is COD and BF don't have people in them apart from the players.

husomc1710d ago

no wall destruction cox the Xbone can't handle it?

cozomel1710d ago

Aint that the truth, the game has to run at 720p with only 6v6 players, so destruction would have made it run less than 60fps. Aint the X1 impressive?

Septic1710d ago

^^ When "gamers" pretend to know what they're talking about.

dedicatedtogamers1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Since mobility (jumping off walls, for instance) is a big part of the game, it was probably a design choice. CoD allows shooting through walls because it makes sense to take cover and shoot at people running out in the open. However, I get the impression that taking cover and "camping" are not going to be encouraged, especially with the AI dudes running around (not sure how much of a threat they'd be, but they probably flush out campers).

Titanfall lacking the ability to shoot through walls would be like....Unreal Tournament or Tribes lacking the ability to shoot through walls. In other words: not worth worrying about.

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Cherchez La Ghost1711d ago

I want this game because the action will be chaotic. A fast-pace FPS is a good thing.

WeAreLegion1711d ago

Why not a FASTER paced FPS? Unreal Tournament or Quake! Or Nexiuz!

NarooN1710d ago

Yeah, except those games actually require skill to play, haha. (Not knocking on Titanfall here, but I honestly don't get why people are treating it like the second coming.)

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4ShotKing1711d ago

I always found this mechanic in CoD and Battlefield to be frustrating, it always led to deaths where bullets would curve around corners on my Kill-Cam. I think in Battlefield it works a lot better, but in a small FPS like this, best to leave it out.

Utalkin2me1711d ago

Its called lag compensation.

frostypants1711d ago

That has nothing to do with shooting through walls or destruction. That's just crappy netcode.

NarooN1710d ago

Getting shot around the corners in Call of Dootie and Crashfield isn't because of bullet penetration, but because of terribly-programmed netcode.

Tedakin1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Shooting through walls and blowing down buildings makes the Pilots have zero chance in the game. Cover and speed are the 2 advantages Pilots have against Titans. Sure blowing crap up like in BF4 looks neat, but gameplay wise it wouldn't work here. Plus, the second anyone got in their Titan the first thing they'd do is start strategically knocking holes in everything rather than engaging in the actual fight.

Dumb_username1711d ago

Its the same with battlefield, people just destroy stuff as fast as possible.

oof461711d ago

Or repeatedly c4 the same wall over and over and over again.