Prices & Details on MGS4's Tie-in Products in Japan

At the MGS4 Press Conference in Japan yesterday, many tie-in products were revealed. These include "Regain 24" energy drinks, UNIQLO T-shirts, I-pod, British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles, Sony Ericsson cellphones, ga-ko alarm clock, Assasin's Creed, movie "I Am Legend", and Japanese idol Akina Minami.

1. "Regain 24" energy drinks that appear in the game will replenish Snake's health and stamina; while in real life, with the slogan of "Can you fight for 24 hours?" the product will go on sale at Japanese convenient stores on June 10 for 294 yen. The drink will come with a MGS4 phone strap that is the form of either a cleaning cloth, or a dog-tag shaped flash light.

2. UNIQLO MGS4 T-shirts will have 6 different design variations, with 2 different colored T-shirts for each design. Sizes are from S-XL and will be in UNIQLO stores on June 12 for 1500 yen each. A press release from the Japanese UNIQLO says the MGS4 T-shirts will also be on sale at overseas UNIQLO stores. If you live in US, the only UNIQLO store here is in New York, those who wants to get their hands on the T-shirt might want to google the New York Store for availability.

3. Sony Ericsson cellphone "W62S" will also make a appearance in MGS4. The main feature of the W62S in real life is that it can be used anywhere in the world in 180 different countries. In the game, Vamp and Naomi will also communicate from different parts of the world using this Sony made cellphone.

4. If you happened to owned a Japanese Docomo cellphone (which the Sony Ericsson series also belong to), you can download a menu application/game called "Ganbare Snake" for 525 yen.

5. Sunny's "ga-ko" cooking timer that appears in the game is also being made into an alarm clock, which goes on sale July 31 for 2940 yen.

6. I-pod makes an appearance in the game, with Snake owning the 30GB model. Snake can use his I-pod by selecting and equipping it from the weapons menu. This allows you to select your favorite stage music. The song list can be increased as you control Snake to find different music data hidden in stages and download them to the I-pod. Rumor hint towards you might also be able to download episodes of Kojima's own web radio show "HideRadio".

7. British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles makes an appearance with model "Bonneville T100" as Big Mama's favorite ride. Another popular model "Speed Triple" will also be featured in the game.

8. Japanese Idol Akina Minami will be featured as a pin-up girl, with her pictures to sooth many tired soldiers in MGS4. Snake will say her nickname "Akeena" with joy if he finds her poster.

9. Assassin's Creed as Snake gets Altair's custom with a hidden in game event.

10, Rental video "I Am Legend" will come with a MGS4 Premium Trailer included in the previews.

The above are info taken and translated from the original Famitsu article in no particular order. Click on Read More to see the all the related pictures on the original Japanese Famitsu site.

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