Next Xbox One Halo Game to “Amaze and Shock” Gamers by Pushing Innovation for Graphics and Audio

Little is known for the moment about the upcoming Xbox One Halo game, but a couple new career opportunity ads seeking a Graphics Engineer and a Software Development Engineer give a glimpse on what you can expect from its visuals and audio.

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B-radical1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Fuuuuuu ark

keennn as

Own and maintain various DirectX11 rendering systems

hmm direct x 11.2 tiled resources perhaps?

jetlian1809d ago

Better off with 720p/60 fps with higher textures!

u got owned1809d ago


I agree I prefer better effects and shaders @ 900p or 720p/ 60fps

starchild1809d ago

I wouldn't expect too many graphically demanding games on XB1 or PS4 to be 1080p and 60fps.

AngelicIceDiamond1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

@Pumble They said 60 frames.

Its way to early to determine the resolution but 1080p is probably what they're targeting.

They mentioned graphics as the main push. I can see that since Halo Reach was the start for high fidelity graphics for the Halo Ip. While Halo 4 further pushed the boundaries.

Sounds like "sound" will be a technical feat this time alongside the graphics. Different sounds and moods to further immerse the player.

Sound very interesting.

4Sh0w1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I'd be good with a compromise of higher res at 900p and better textures plus effects but 60fps would be nice too. Its proven already 1080p doesnt necessarily look better than even a 720p game, yes of course if everything else is equal in a multi it wont but its a fact you could also have higher res and worst performance, effects, and textures. I just don't think at 1080p 60fps besides racing and fighting games on either console will have a bunch of next gen effects, I'd rather the emphasis be on the overall look of the game than simply hitting a fools gold benchmark. wii u has the most 1080p 60fps games and those games aren't exactly wowing the gaming community graphically. We should think of next gen more in terms of "what's going on" rather than "how many pixels", or "how many frames".

Trekster_Gamer1809d ago

Mr clueless, that is far from what makes an awesome looking game!

If pong met those specs would it be Next Gen?!?!

corvusmd1809d ago

@u got owned and Jetlian Agree with both of you, it's been proven over and over that simply calling a game 1080p/60fps is pretty much a marketing ploy at this point. A turd at 1080p/60fps is still a turd, yet the best looking game this gen (according to many) is 900p 30fps, because it was done right. More important than any of that at this level is gameplay....or else it might as well be a picture or a movie.

UltraAtomic1809d ago

hopefully ill be good if its at 60fps

ShinMaster1809d ago taking shortcuts like Forza 5?

SpartanBerdi1809d ago

To run at 1080p 60fps, the game will have to look shitty. Look at COD, doesn't even look next gen, and can't run at 1080p

alexkoepp1809d ago

I had a feeling when we heard the rumors of a 2015 delay that they want to make this game look better than anything that has come before it. 343 did a hell of a good job making Halo 4 beautiful I have no doubts that Halo 5 is going to look incredible. Awesome audio will sure be welcome too.

H0RSE1809d ago

I would imagine a game as high caliber as this on xbox, MS has already told the devs anything less than 1080p/60fps is unacceptable.

nltsaved1809d ago

So overrated have you not seen RYSE ??
So tired

jetlian1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

What people forget is from 1970s to 2005 all consoles were 480i/p. It wasn't till late 90s tvs went 16:9.

Which in turn forced res to change. With that change and new forms of tvs 'lcd' tvs got lighter. Crt tvs capped around 37in due to weighting over 100lbs.

With people getting bigger sets. Res need to improve again. Thats why 40 to 60 inches is 1080p an over 60 you should be looking at 4k.

Point is res does not determine gfx... content does. And your better of saving power running lowers res with better effects.

Compare cod 2 720 to bops2 600p bops2 looks and runs better

nerdman671809d ago

Probably 900p at 45-60fps. It would look awesome running at that

BallsEye1809d ago

You've been under the rock? 1080p 60fps for halo was announced back on e3.

AndrewLB1809d ago

Amazed that runs on Xbone, shocked that it will not run 1080p/60 unless they dial back the graphics even more than Sony does on PS4 games.

And before anyone tries to argue, if any aspect of a PS4 multi-plat is not the same quality as the PC version, it's been dialed back. /argument

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Abriael1809d ago

All future Xbox One games are directx11 that I know.

Eonjay1809d ago

A lot of current ones are too like Battlefield 4. Pretty sure Kingdom Hearts 3 is as well. DX11.2 is supposed to have enhancements that will probably only show up in xbox exclusives due to the windows 8.1 requirement. So not in multiplats.

In other words im absolutely sure that Halo will look fantastic.

Thatlalala1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Tried to tell it to the KZ community, who was constantly 1 v 1 bro... NO! Killzones "competitive" play is a joke compared to other shooters(looking at you beacon and turret whores). Lets push to spawn, drop beacon, than switch to turret class and camp, then call it uber skills, But its dumb fun, and looks good. Killzone will never be on a circuit.

sinspirit1809d ago

Even if they lack DirectX11 effects like tessellation they would use DirectX11 because it's more efficient.


Things are changing now. Halo and Call of Duty had been in MLG because of popularity. That popularity has shifted this time. Call of Duty is losing popularity, but still has enough to be in MLG, but as for Halo it is losing popularity and that happens even further as people play other games that are already out and will be out before a new Halo launches. I'm not going to bother talking about Halo 4's plot holes and Michael Bay attempt to milk the franchise.

JohnnyBadfinger1809d ago

Please enlighten me on the halo 4 plot holes. I've read all but one of the novels and so far the only game to completely break halo lore is bungies halo reach. That was an abomination to the halo universe the the events in the story don't fit in with the novel

sinspirit1809d ago


Master Chief's suit nano-machines are for suit repairs and vital recovery only. The thrusters in his suit were made from nothing.

After the importance placed on Master Chief being so unique we then see Spartan-IV's at the end of Halo 4, and a lot of them, suddenly showing up after the events of Halo 3 when they knew for sure they needed them then but lucky timing for that universe that in our physical world that a company wanted a trilogy for that universe that they magically make up these important things that never existed for that universe.

Spawning a whole army of Spartan's like nothing, showing his face, trying to out do the covenant with an even bigger alien ship that he happens to stumble across at the beginning of the game when he was asleep in a ship for a short amount of years, and spawning a jetpack, justified by fans from his nano-machines, which for his suit were limited nano-machines, only used for repairs and recovery, so they didn't just change for cosmetics, which isn't so bad, but they changed the functions of what things were to add action for the sake of action. Not to mention Cortana's complete overhaul. She changed before, but not near that much and wasn't supposed to be a generic sex symbol. Where do the thrusters get fuel anyways? Forward Unto Dawn is significantly more giant than in Halo 3 for the sake of having big things like the Michael Bay space ship.

You can like the game for what it is. But don't consider it part of the Halo universe and still a great story when it is inconsistent with previous entries.

1Victor1809d ago

Come On Can't You Guys Have A Discussion Without Offending Gamers On the System. You Are Just Inviting Them To Prove You Wrong And Start A Flame War And Complain What Are They Doing Here. .............................. ....................

I Just Want A Halo Game That Push The Xbox One To The Max And Don't Change The Gameplay Too Much

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Magicite1809d ago

They better make this game big, otherwise PS4 exclusives will blow X1 out of the water (they will anyway).

creatchee1809d ago

I'll take good games at lowered resolutions and/or frame rates over Knack at 1080p/60FPS any day of the week.

starchild1809d ago

Knack isn't 60fps. It runs between about 30 and 40fps with judder. I don't know why some devs think it's a good idea to uncap frame-rates.

EVERY game would run higher if you uncap the frame-rate, but the reason you normally cap the frame-rate is to provide an even frame-rate free of stutter.

Convas1809d ago

Just this game?

So you mean, we should ignore all the other upcoming games for Xbox One, because they won't be good?

Fable Legends? Quantum Break? Sunset Overdrive? unannounced titles, etc?

u got owned1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

@ dmitrijs88

Oh gosh! What a dumb comment...i feel like my iq drop just by reading it :/

Magicite1809d ago

lol at all the fanboy disagrees

zero_gamer1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Awesome, you played all those super amazing PS4 exclusives from the future and you've probably never even seen an Xbox One in person yet you hate on it for no actual reason!

Septic1809d ago

Lol whats Halos competition? Killzone?

Hehe please

cozomel1809d ago

Look at all the dumb fanboys making their even dumber fanboy comments, Halo, he he he. Your Xbone is a letdown, system is weak

dantesparda1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Thats funny cuz MS fanboys do the same exact thing. How do they all know that Titanfall is going to be so awesome if they havent even played it yet (and dont talk to me about no beta). And the same goes for all the other exclusives, no ones played them, yet are being proclaimed as all that by the fanboys.

And once again, if this place is such a Sony haven then why do all the MS fanboys have more agrees and the Sony fanboys disagrees? Very fishy. hmm, hmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And p.s. Halo is crap, I've given up on that sh1t, I've beaten part 1 through Reach and each one gets worst than the last one, I've had enough of that crap.

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otherZinc1809d ago

I told people back when all these "Anonymous Devs" were saying the XBOX ONE lacked power that:

Halo 5 is going to embarrass multiplatform games that won't use the power of the XBOX ONE.

Halo 5 will set the tone for next-generation!

shinrock1809d ago

Maybe, we'll fingers ate crossed.

SniperControl1809d ago

And Sony are just gonna sit on there hands and do nothing to further improve the PS4's graphics, dream on

I love reading all the fanboys on the net talking about the X1 closing the graphical gap on PS4 by using tiled resources or MS releasing 8% from the OS or that there is some secret sweet sauce double layered GPU that MS are holding back until a mythological NDA expires in a years time(which will convienently be extended( looking at you misterx) by another 6 months)
I bet you any money, Sony engineers and devs are working just as hard to squeeze more potential out of the PS4.

SpartanBerdi1809d ago

yes, until Uncharted 4 comes out.

OsirisBlack1809d ago

Right not it looks like the Order 1886 is going to set the tone for Next Gen Graphics and Physics but we shall see. I am very interested to see what XB1 First party titles look like. I really do not count the first wave games.... KZSF, Knack,Forza and Ryse are all pretty much tech demos some more fun and better looking than others but none of them are spectacular.

jdaboss1809d ago

competition breeds better games for BOTH systems.. Imagine that! stop being fanboys and embrace the period you live in.. amazing time for games of BOTH systems.

dantesparda1809d ago


And you know this why? cuz your fanboyism told you so. Fanboys are so stupid, its embarassing

tiremfej1809d ago


Why come in on a MS article at all to bash the X1? Why would you know what Mr. X is saying if you're not a fanboy? Last I checked he does an excellent job keeping the trolls out and keeping the conversation free of SDF FUD. I actually love the site.

Whether you believe the rumors and goings on there. There is no denying X1 sports custom chips and The Order runs at 800p 30fps. It is funny all the ignorance towards the X1. I have a feeling people will shocked...

SniperControl1809d ago


"Last I checked he does an excellent job keeping the trolls out and keeping the conversation free of SDF FUD. I actually love the site"

lol..You just proved my point

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solar1809d ago

eh, graphics and audio dont push innovation imo. the last FPS do push the genre was HL2.

ITPython1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Actually I think COD4 deserves that title. Despite how terribad the series is now, COD4 forever changed the entire FPS genera single-handily by successfully introducing RPG elements, among other things, into an online FPS.

solar1809d ago

I would have to disagree Mr. Python. You have had those elements back with BF series.

Audiggity1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Agreed. There has been nearly 0 innovation since HL2. In fact, even with attempts to copy HL2's success, they have all failed.

The Metro series is probably the closest, but, even that suffers from a closed environment/limited dynamic elements.

Twitch-based games like COD and Halo just don't count, sorry. They are merely polished upgrades of Quake and Doom.

JodyCones1809d ago

People are still excited for Halo?

ITPython1809d ago

Pushing innovation for audio, sure I can see that. But pushing innovation for graphics? LOL, yeah, don't think so. Pushing innovation in graphics for the XB1 is an oxymoron.

And let's face it, Halo is past it's prime. 2 was its peak, and it's time for it to rest now, just like the COD series after MW2 should have done.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1810d ago

they said that with Halo Reach and Halo 4

Software_Lover1810d ago

I liked Halo 4, although I'm in the minority. I thought they did some things different in the multiplayer that made it not just about killing the most people. I really need to get back into it but I have a very short attention span these days and can't waste my life on gaming.

ThePope1810d ago

Liking Halo 4 doesn't put you in the minority. Its a well loved game and for good reason. The story, gameplay, and graphics are incredible. And Reach had a killer ending, and amazing gameplay.

The Great Melon1810d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I know what you mean. However, Halo 4 was one of my least favorites, mainly because multiplayer has seemed to drift far from the punishing rankings of Halo 3 and primarily Halo 2. Halo ODST was my favorite single player Halo experience so far in all the games. The somber atmosphere, overworld, subdued music really hit a chord with me, but most seem to really dislike it simply because it didn't reinvent the multiplayer nor follow Master Chief's story. Differing opinions...

mhunterjr1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

You aren't in the minority, lots of people liked halo 4. Including me.

Bit I felt differently than you did about the MP. The way they handled the XP system encouraged people to worry more about their individual performance than the team. That ruined the MP for me. i really wish they would go back to the halo 2 ranking system.

Rachel_Alucard1809d ago

Halo 4 was easily the weakest entry in the Halo universe. The story never had a moment where you weren't just constantly shooting enemies and you got to just take in large masses of scenery with nice ambient music like previous ones had. Also having QTE's to fill in the important parts was BS and it's no longer in your control, especially when all the final boss was PRESS A REPEATEDLY: The ending. They forced killing off yet another character to try to convey emotion, but I felt the same about that as I did when Dom died in Gears 3, boring and forced due to the fact he literally could have escaped with all four people on the truck and he was dodging every bullet anyway.

The multiplayer was repetitive featuring your standard run and gun warfare that's featured heavily in CoD, where as in previous games it was more of an arena shooter where everyone didn't just sprint to the same locations every match. Also, weapon Skins, perks, points instead of kills, easy mode medals like distraction, copied perks from CoD like dexterity = sleight of hand, Ordinance drops = care packages, and an unbalanced loadout system that let's users have BR + Plasma pistol from the start.

Not to mention the constant picking of haven and the low map counts unless you buy the map packs. The only good things they did with multiplayer was removed all the garbage new modes bungie forced into reach like headhunter and stockpile, and actually make new maps instead of just use modified campaign sections.

The new enemies are design clones of the space pirates from metroid prime.

The graphics are identical to reach but it shouldn't be something that gets all the praise, there's better looking games on the market out there, it's not like this is PC level quality.

As someone who's played every Halo starting all the way from CE, this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Shadonic1809d ago

I didnt really like the multiplayer in Halo 4, Matchmaking and lists of gametypes were very constrained and overall it felt so easy especially since most of the weapons diverged to just reskins with different dmg. It was a good game but the multiplayer needs to be more difficult and competitive and have all the ranking and stuff if it wants to survive in the COD dominant market. I'm in the minority when it comes to liking AA's and stuff but the ordinance thing was really unfair just made me lose interest when I could just keep pooping peoples heads off with the DMR and get almost any weapon i wanted instead of running out into the battlefield.

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AngelicIceDiamond1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Halo 4 was great but my problems with it was the character connections.

Why is Cortanna the voice of reason and can hold a better conversation than chief?

I mean who's the bot here? I felt no emotion from chief but felt all the emotions from Cortanna. That was my problem. No offense but Chief is a just generic single minded ("hard boiled cop) with skilles so great anyone who challenges him utimately gets defeated that we've seen in 80's and 90's movies. Sorry there's nothing going on with chief besides some generic one liners.

ODST and Reach had way personality than Chief. Especially the cast in Reach.

The game looked and sound great but the frames need fixing. I notice the game will lag whenever allot of stuff was going on. And it would do it quite a bit to.

Mp was ok the story and enemies were overall great supporting cast was nice.

If they can give chief a character, an actual character that fans can get a feel of then Halo 5 will be even more great.

Spurg1809d ago

I think he was injected with something that made him lose his emotion...but not all of it. Remember he's built to be the perfect solider his job is to basically get the job done...nothing else.
In fall of Reach he had to leave his fellow Spartan behind because of he was injured or had damage to his suit...he didn't do the cliché thing and took his friend on his back...the guy had to be left behind and MC did the logical thing as left him behind to get the mission done.

Naga1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

@ AngelicIceDiamond

The dynamic between Chief and Cortana that you are criticizing was meant to be a key point of the narrative. Chief's near-emotionless, almost robotic demeanor was even hit on by Cortana in some of their dialogue. In fact, it was a thread that ran through the entire story - the exploration of Chief's humanity.

Heck, the dichotomy between his nature as a human being and as a war machine has been something that writers have touched upon in the books as well as elsewhere, and I think it's going to be a huge part of this series as they focus on developing his character and exploring his humanity.

Edsword1810d ago

It's MS, they say that about every exclusive. But the reality is that Halo5 will probably not innovate whatsoever and still get a 9.8 from IGN. It's almost guaranteed.

webeblazing1809d ago

Every game dev and pub does this. I'm sure you wasn't saying when all the ps4 stated almost the same thing.

cell9891809d ago

its true just like COD kept getting good review scores for 5 years straight

tuglu_pati1809d ago


and they delivered on both with H4 (graphics and Audio). I think H4 was the best out of the bunch in those departments.

Edsword1809d ago

The first level looked great. The rest of the game looked like Reach.