PlayStation Exclusive Natural Doctrine Gets a New Trailer

Kadokawa Games’ upcoming PlayStation exclusive Natural Doctrine is still a bit of an enigma, with details light and all released media a bit of tease to what’s coming. The newest Japanese trailer, which you can view below, gives fans yet another taste of the game, showing off what may be the opening credits to the game and a look at the characters, creatures and world of the game.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1807d ago

yes, more psvita stuff. i love my vita

jsslifelike1807d ago

Characters: Vasilisa, Anca and... Jeff.

kingdom181807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

They should at least change it to Jeffery, that's better than... Jeff.

hay1806d ago

Vasilisa and Anca are slavic(Poland, Russia, etc) names. Maybe they wanted to bridge east with west with that Jeff.

harrisk9541807d ago

Damn... Every day is a new article about some PS exclusive that I never heard of. Quite different from the start of last generation.

Army_of_Darkness1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

It's playstaion, domination
so there's no need for a console observation
cause the ps4 makes the xbone an instant abomination
MS is disgracin' with kinect's hardcore spacin'
several Sony exclusives
while the xbone owners will definitely need more patients. :-P

yes, I'm bored waiting at the doctors.. lol

sypher1807d ago

Looks cool, is it action RPG then or are we looking at a monster farming game?

kingdom181807d ago

That's exactly what it is, it was announced in the earlier trailer, although this one seems almost the same.

killerluffy1231807d ago

Oh great , no western release announce yet .

kingdom181807d ago

To be fair Deep Down doesn't have one either does it? But then again, its a general consensus that DD is coming to the west.

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