Prices dropped for handful of RPGs in sale

The prices have dropped for a handful of RGPs, including Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (as low as $48.92), Natural Doctrine ($29.99 on PS4), South Park: The Stick of Truth ($14.99) and more.

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NukaCola2907d ago

Just popped South Park back in. Really good game.

Testfire2907d ago

Yup, I actually felt like a character in the show. It's the South Park game we had all been wanting for years and it is excellent.

2906d ago
3-4-52906d ago

I need to buy this. How long is it on sale for?

hadouken0072906d ago

Wouldn't mind this in ps4, after I got my ps4 I just kinda lost interest in my ps3 and didnt finish the southpark game.

SegaGamer2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Even with the price drops i could still get a cheaper physical copy of these games.