The ten finest PlayStation 4 games to date

Digitally Downloaded writes: "As we previously noted, the PlayStation 4 is off to a heck of a start. Just 18 months in, and it already offers a massive range of experiences, from the most niche of the Japanese games to the most mainstream blockbusters, and a whole lot of independent and arthouse brilliance in there besides."

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Rimeskeem2866d ago

Infamous? Resogun? LBP 3?

this list is very meh

breakpad2866d ago

good list ..for me they should ve included Knack ..its a quality game after all no matter the tastes

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2866d ago

I agree, but much like 1886, I feel they would've needed a bit more time and few more ideas to make it really great.

I get that they wanted it to look cute and cartoony to reach a kid audience, but it was somewhat hard, and if somehow it would have been possible to make it look grittier the higher the difficulty you chose, it could have been game changing and it would have fit the game completely.

Acquiescence2866d ago

Well, LBP 3 isn't very good, true. A majorly disappointing installment in an otherwise excellent franchise. Second Son however is a damn fine game, and Resogun is just stone-cold excellence.

BiggerBoss2866d ago

Infamous, Resogun, and LBP3 are all awesome games, your opinion is meh.

Rimeskeem2866d ago

I'm saying that the article didn't include these amazing games

BiggerBoss2865d ago


I apologize. I read your comment before reading the article

Agent_hitman2866d ago

For me Killzone SF and Infamous SS were the best yet.

RedSoakedSponge2866d ago

seriously? im guessing you didnt play the previous Killzone games, as SF was terrible in comparison. It felt very VERY rushed to be released as a launch game. I did enjoy Infamous though.

trenso12866d ago

i agree KZ2 was the best killzone of them all i just wished they went back to that screw the "COD effect" and what it had on the franchise

mayberry2865d ago

Killzone was VERY far from a "terrible" game. Sure, not quite as good as previous titles story wise, but the MP is boss as usual.

Darkwatchman2866d ago

I honestly think Killzone Mercenary was much better than Shadowfall

Fro_xoxo2866d ago

author has a unique taste in games .. :)
only title in there for me is Bloodborne. . as far as exclusive games.

RedSoakedSponge2866d ago

not Witcher 3? Im playing that atm and i think its incredible. probably on par with bloodborne for me (even though impossible to compare them) and i got the platinum in that :)

Hand of Fate is also a good game on this list. for the price its a nice change from all the other games you see nowadays.

Hoffmann2866d ago

No Guilty Gear Xrd and Mortal Kombat X?

That list is MEH!

G3n3raL862866d ago

Wolfenstein? Evil Within? Diablo III?

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