Which Franchise Needs To Be Rebooted This Generation?

Which enduring IP most needs an overhaul in the new generation? We saw many successful reboots in the previous era, so what should be next?

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badboy7761715d ago

Resident Evil.

Step 1: Become a PlayStation Exclusive Once Again.

Pozzle1715d ago

I don't care if it stays exclusive or not. But bring back the horror, dammit!

000011715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

not sure i really get why the author would think Call of Duty needs a reboot. basically Call of Duty is rebooted every release. each Call of Duty is somewhat different enough from the next to be considered a slight re-imagining of the series. i would like to see much older franchises from the SEGA Genesis or Nintendo SNES rebooted like Base Wars, Road Rash, or Chrono Trigger. those would be some really cool ideas for games in the 8th generation of consoles.

-Foxtrot1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Resident Evil definitely


Make it like an expanded version of the Resident Evil Remake we saw on the Gamecube, include more backstories, rooms, puzzles and change things around so future events will be different so when we are up to RE2/RE3 they will be completely different to what we've played in the the end they would have created an alternative timeline, fixing their mistakes but at the same time keeping the characters we've grown to love

I mean they can't do RE7, well they could but after RE6 they've ruined the characters and ruined the overall story.

Remake-Reboot time I say...least then they can fix that god awful plagas story, make it so Wesker see's it as a threat and how other rival companies are already after it so he decides to bomb the place with Umbrellas resources (in this timeline they might not be destroyed) which ends up killing Saddler and the plagas before the events of RE4 can even happen. From then on the game could go any where.

Genki1715d ago

Killzone. That series lost its way come the second game. Sad, because GG is an immensely talented studio...they just have no idea what direction to take to story of that series in. I can't even begin to imagine the ridiculous premise upon which the next game will be predicated.

Multiplayer is fun, but it needs to be expanded. If they start off with a reboot of the first game, where the characters and story were actually interesting, and actually weave a more carefully written narrative, we wouldn't end up with the muddled plots that we have now.