How To Build A Liquid-Cooled Mini Gaming PC For Under $1,000

If you go into your local technology store and look at the PC section, most if not all will be standard black towers. However, on the enthusiast scene, there’s a seismic shift going on with many people ditching their large tower cases and opting for shoebox-size ones.

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Major_Glitch3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

FACT #1: I could spend between $800 to $1000 to BUILD a liquid-cooled mini gaming pc.
FACT #2: I could spend that same amount of money and buy a brand new next-gen console AND a brand new 42" 1080p led tv(both of which work right out of the box).
Just saying.

Major_Glitch3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I post FACTS, you post an opinion. Disagree all you want, but you know I'm not lying.

FragMnTagM3278d ago

Or you could save up and have the best of both worlds. The PC indie scene is truly incredible. PC has it's own exclusives and amazing graphics. A lot of control options. Use any gamepad or peripheral you want as there are literally hundreds of input options that work on PC.

Also, PC's are really easy to build if you spend more than ten minutes researching how to put them together.

The consoles have great exclusives. I like what the consoles offer in their more closed ecosystem. XBOX Live and Now PSN are great online experiences that give you unification that really helps in getting matches together with buddies.

They both have their advantages, even though I would rather part with any of my gaming consoles before my PC, I can and do enjoy both experiences for what they offer.

Somebody3278d ago

There are actually people who would go out and buy similar hardware to emulate this PC. They might even able to make a comparable or better one for even less.

In the end these people are the reason why hardware such as those in next gen consoles exists. While current gen consoles struggled with customized hardware, these PC gamers kept the development for X86 architecture, DDR3 and GDDR ram alive long enough for console gamers to enjoy when next gen arrive.

Deny it all you want but next gen won't even exist without PC gamers.