Latest PS4 Update Locking Users Out of Playstation Store

We're seeing reports of some users being unable to access Playstation Store after updating their Playstation 4 firmware to version 1.60.


Looks like the problem was a server issue that has been resolved. You're free to download Outlast!

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HyperBear1720d ago

I think Sony shut down every store by region and then will re-open it one region/country at a time when they fix it cause as of 7:00PM PST (In Canada), I get the following message:

"This service is not available in your country/region"

Although I am signed in and have access to online multiplayer, etc. so hopefully they find out what happened to the store asap, cause I wanna play me some Outlast :D

trancefreak1720d ago

Yeah it said maintenance undergoing and now I am getting this is not available in you region message.

The broadcasting features state the same and the internet browser has an intermittent network issue for me.

thorstein1720d ago

I got it too, but then patiently waited and the store was connected. I got Outlast and that had the "license" problem. Waited that out and it is fine now.

Utalkin2me1720d ago

Go into setting and select PSn and select activate PS4 then back into setting and select restore licenses. And it works perfectly.

HyperBear1720d ago

I also found another thing that was odd. Apparently the 1.6 firmware also added some sort of WiFi hotspot connection by mistake.

If any of you have a tablet, smartphone, computer or anything with wifi, refresh your available connections under wifi/wireless settings, and look for a connection named "PS4-###EEBF#####". Cause I dunno bout you guys, but maybe Sony inadvertently turned all our PS4's into a WiFi hotspot/extender for our networks???

Cause now I've got a PS4 WiFi hotspot connection, that uses WPA2 security and I have no way of connecting to it cause I don't know the password (Cause it's not my router/network SSID password or my PSN password)...

Anyone else find this strange PS4 hotspot within your devices & networks?

DeadMansHand1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

For anyone having the "license" problem, simply go to settings>psn>restore licenses>restore all. Takes about 5 seconds then works great after that.

WhatchaTalkinBout1720d ago


yes i notice the samething on my laptop,PS4-###EEBF#####, but mines different numbers and letters, have no idea how to connect to it though

thorstein1719d ago

Apparently 2 people disagree that I waited patiently. Hmmm... how did I wait then?

The licenses will catch up or you can do the renew licenses under settings.

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MeknSence1720d ago

Same thing is happening to me, and I'm in the U.S. To be honest, it's no biggie because if your looking to download "OutLast" or any other games and you have the PSN app on your phone, you can have it downloaded to your system.

WhatchaTalkinBout1720d ago


yes i notice the samething on my laptop,PS4-###EEBF#####, but mines different numbers and letters, have no idea how to connect to it though

Cha0tik1719d ago

@WhatchaTalkinBout @HyperBear

This has been there since day one. It's how Remote Play connects to the console. It isn't meant for other devices other than the Vita. If I'm correct the PS3 did the same thing when Remote Play was activated. Every console will have a slightly different name.

xBigxBossx1720d ago

Just be a G. DL the playstation app. Then DL outlast to your ps4 via the app. And you bypass this issue.

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fhizikz1720d ago

i cant get on ps store

DeadIIIRed1720d ago

I had to log into PSN through my laptop to start the Outlast download. It's moving really slow, like 2hrs to download 150 MB slow.

DarkHeroZX1720d ago

I just downloaded outlast but I still can't play it because I can't activate the license...... Oh well, I guess I'll just play warframe.

user14394141720d ago

I can't wait to play Outlast XoXo. The pc gameplay I saw looked very good.

Eonjay1720d ago

I just started to play it. That game is scary as hell!!!

cee7731720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Go to the settings and restore licenses and Oulast should work fine.

Worked for me.

Ashlen1720d ago

Hey, thanks, worked for me too, didn't know I could do that.

thorstein1720d ago

Go to settings>PSN>Restore Licences>Restore.

DarkHeroZX1720d ago

Damn I'm 30 minutes in and I I already ruined some nice underwear.

DeadMansHand1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Settings>psn>restore licenses.

ovnipc1720d ago

Warframe such a money hungry game, the game its cool but to be able to get some cool stuff force you to pay or play waYyyy to many hours.

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captainexplosion1720d ago

Yeah, I cant get into the PlayStation Store either.

BitbyDeath1720d ago

Think this is more outlast related than firmware. Millions trying to access the store to download it. Sony need to up their server count.

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