First Banjo trailer released!

VG247: Microsoft's released the first in-game trailer of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

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killercam194405d ago

i kno its a kids game but the graphics to me look kinda shallow in detail

JOLLY14405d ago

Wow, I thought there was quite a bit of depth, for something more cel-shaded. Oh a side note, the pokeballs and the Mario were hilarious.

gaffyh4405d ago

I can see what you mean the textures look a little low-res, and the floor texture looks completely flat (i.e. no bump mapping) in some areas. But bear in mind that this is work in progress so it will be better in the final version.

The workshop thing looks like a copy of the Gummi Ship thing in Kingdom Hearts, also the title "Nuts & Bolts" sounds like it should be a Ratchet & Clank game...seriously.

jwatt4405d ago

The water looks nice!

sonarus4405d ago

I don't know. Judging from that trailer, this looks more like a spin off title that a Banjo sequel. Well kudos to rare for some originality but can't say it got me excited. Wasn't really excited to begin with anyway. The part where 1 ship broke off and formed a type of jet was pretty cool though

SUP3R4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

I was kinda hyped after the screenshots leaked, but this trailer left me with a huge ? on my forehead.

Well my nephew liked it and that's the demographic this is mainly focused towards so it's A-OK.

popup4405d ago

Ahhh, something different.

Timesplitter144405d ago

Horrible framerate (looks like 15 fps)
PS2.5-ish graphics

Gameplay looks... um... I dunno what the hell we're supposed to do in this game. Create vehicles and drive around?

shine13964405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

oh rare...what have you done?
please tell me this is for xbox live arcade edition and not full retail game...if someone told me this was n64 footage, I would have believed them...only hope is that it must be early alpha stage footage...look where super mario galaxy was and ratchet and clank reached...this looks like it is from two generations ago...

Edit: after watching the trailer more then a couple of times..I think that if they're going after lbp i.e. it is going to be marketed as the x360 equivalent to LBP, they really will get owned...seems like they're having a go at mario too...thinking big helps I suppose...I'm still muddled...why would they not turn up the heat on visual and sound side...both were really, almost 'garage''s to hoping that this is really early...

chaosatom3334405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

yeah i know it's not finished or anything, but questions to ask yourself

--------who would get excited for this game except kids?

---------if they will make it hella easy?

--------- will sell or not?

I respect gears and ninja gaiden and everything, but this is not AAA or AA title in any aspect.

MICROSOFT is aiming for the kids, not anyone on this site.

zane_78494405d ago

Yeah.... actually I agree that I was more excited for the game before I saw that trailer. And whoever mentioned the Gummi Ship from Kingdom Hearts is right on, it immediately reminded me of that too.

I was hoping the big brass gameplay mechanic Rare was touting after the screens had been leaked, was co-op platforming. That would be something to be excited about, this ...I'm not sure now.

prowiew4405d ago

I was hoping for a more traditional platformer.

The Dark Knight4405d ago

i dont care what anyone says , this game looks awsome. But i do wish they released a new conkers bad fur day :)

Alcohog4405d ago

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats not cel-shading. At all.

As for those who plan on buying this have fun with that.

solidt124404d ago

I find it funny that everyone is talking about the technical parts of this game and no one has said anything about the gameplay or does it look fun. It looks like it could be fun but I would like to see some more gameplay other than driving around.

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Antan4405d ago

Hehe, looks fun! Looks like there are quite a few mini games if the trailers anything to go by? One to watch for sure!

Honeal2g4405d ago

First let me say this ..did anyone see them take a shot a Nintendo? look at like the last 15 seconds...they show you a picture of Mario then they Shot a Missle at him and took him down ....lmao if only they were really competition (Rare taht is)

predator4405d ago

dear god yes, looks fun as hell plus i can play FOOTBALL in it hahaha (soccer to you yanks)

BIoodmask4405d ago

I just wish the video quality wasn't so poor/pixelated.

green4405d ago

Very impressive.Flying,driving,sail ing and still retaining the traditional platformer elements that made the original great.

Great to also see the music notes as well.