Armored Core 4 'God is Force'

Armored Core 4 is a newest installment in the Armored Core series of video games. Armored Core 4 will feature multiple AC opponents and a reworked damage system that will be more "precise" than previous generation AC games. Armored Core 4 will also be the first Armored Core game to be fully online.

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Silver Bull3t4458d ago

Couldn't watch the trailer form work... but sounds like a Japanese gamers wet-dream. Actually any mobile-suite/Robotech fan will probably drain his nutz to this one, especially since it has online play. PS3 needs titles like this.

Smellslikepie4458d ago

I thought this was a Multiplatform game, why isn't it in the 360 section as well?

Looks very good! Much faster paced than Chromehounds, hopefully they'll have the same amount of customization as Chromehounds.

GamerMan4458d ago

"Eerder werd gezegd dat er ook een Xbox 360 versie zou verschijnen, maar deze is gecanceld."

This means that at some point there were plans for a 360 version, but it's been cancelled.

So at this time it is only going to be for the PS3

Dlacy13g4458d ago

The game is set for a Japan only release for the PS3 launch but will launch for both systems when it comes to N. America which I believe is around March.

Arkham4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

No, last word from From was that it was cancelled. I'd be interested in seeing a link that says otherwise. (A link to an AC preview page on a 360 fan site doesn't count.)

From Software said it was cancelled in September, and I haven't been able to find anything else about it since then. Where/when did you hear about a March 360 version?

Geohound4455d ago

Sega of America seems to have it confirmed for March 2007, same for the US PS3 version. Can't wait either way, I'm a whore for AC.

Arkham4453d ago

If they still have it listed on their site somewhere, it might just be out of date. There's been no official communication on the status of the 360 version by either company (that I can find) since the information in September on From's site.