What's Up with All the Lame Wii Channels

While any free addition to Nintendo's meager online service is welcome, the Nintendo Channel really appears to do nothing more than mine data from Wii owners and provide an advertising venue for Nintendo projects and third-party developers. More than being an uninspired channel, it is the latest freebie to be offered in a chronically lame line of Wii channels. We love Nintendo here at TEB and thats why it is so disappointing that Nintendo hasn't been able to figure this whole new-fangled online gaming thing out.

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Product3868d ago

I do think there is some channels that we just dont need,but if you dont want them dont use or download them(example i dont read the news or browse the internet on wii,i do that on my computer,so why bash those channels?).I think the nintendo channel is actually the best new channel besides wii shop.I mean yea all it is is nintendo news and ds download channel but think about what they could do with this channel.

mattomondo3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I agree that the new Nintendo Channel has the potential to get better in the future (especially if they release Wii demos), but for right now I'm glad to finally see an article that sees the channel for what it is: just another way for Nintendo to advertise and harvest player information.

iamtehpwn3868d ago

OH come on.
you all know you think so too.

Don3868d ago

"The exploding barrel"


sumfood4u3868d ago

I like Wii Channel is very fasinating to me! Like Wii News & the Sound it makes as it switches storys! I can't find the MP3 of this one no where!

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