Infinite Space: The Story Of A Forgotten Space Opera And Sega's Negligence

Space opera fans deserve a chance to experience the vastness of Infinite Space, and Sega needs to make up for its mistake.

ZeekQuattro55d ago

I still go back to Infinite Space from time to time. Probably the most underrated game I ever played.

CDbiggen55d ago

Felt like I was the only person who bought and played this lol


Platinum Games on Infinite Space’s biggest success and failure, which are one and the same

EDGE took a trip down memory lane with some of the staff at Platinum Games in its latest issue.

One of the games discussed was Infinite Space, the studio’s first and only handheld game.

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Godmars2904262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

I claim that it should have been a PSP if not a PS3 title.

Wonder if they can port it.

Canary4262d ago

I'm not sure that would have helped the sales numbers in North America. I can't believe it didn't sell well: to me, it's the best DS RPG that's not a remake.

Oh well.

As for a PS3 or PSP port... eh, I'm not sure that would work too well. The style of the combat wouldn't really mesh with what people expect from HD consoles, and the 3D models would have to be completely redone to meet with base consumer expectations.

Godmars2904262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

As a gamer - one who's into sci-fi yet didn't by a DS for one sci-fi game - I could care less about sales. I personally shouldn't have to care about sales.

And as for the HD console generation, at this point I only see it as the most limited and crippled game generation ever. At least the latter part of the Atari era had the excuse of devs doing blow off hookers.


The significance of a game's setting

In a storyline-driven genre like role playing, a good setting can end up being a game's most important element.

Hufandpuf4565d ago

yeah, having a game about pneumonia but taking place in South America would really get me immersed. :/

THR1LLHOUSE4565d ago

This piece mostly deals with RPGs, but has there been any recent setting as good as Rapture?

I honestly can't think of many that were *that* well realized/interesting.

SybaRat4565d ago

Yep. Half the reason I game is to go to interesting places and do interesting things. Which usually means "kill a lotta things," but still.

NagaSotuva4565d ago

I find space relaxing, except in Mars Matrix.


The Top 5 Games That You Probably Missed In 2010 (Zavvi.com)

Zavvi.com: "If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably spent most of 2010 being completely spoilt for choice. There have been so many fantastic games released this year that next year’s post-Christmas release drought is likely to be a very welcome period for almost everyone – as we’ll all finally have time to get stuck into everything that we missed the first time around. But even so, some of the very best games of 2010 managed to slip completely under the radar of way too many people, and here are five of our favourites that you should definitely try to make a date with as soon as possible…"

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Venoxn4g4935d ago

rock band 3? really? :) nah..I did miss it, but I won't try it :) not my but I agree about Infinite space and Batman brave and bold..games worth a try..

chrisgay4934d ago

A shop, recommending an expensive, peripheral based game; what a suprise...