Morrowind-in-Skyrim Video Shows Modders' Impressive Progress

The team of Elder Scrolls fans working on Skywind—the project bringing Morrowind into the series' most modern engine—released their first development video yesterday. It's five breathtaking minutes of the massive effort needed to properly bring a beloved 12-year-old game into present day.

DxTrixterz3787d ago

As a huge Morrowind fan (I still think Morrowind is the best TES game ever made and one of the best IF not the best RPGs ever made) you cannot even imagine how much I anticipate this total convention. Maybe when Skywind will finally be completed I'll stop modding the hell out of Morrowind. This is seriously the most anticipated game for me (even if it's a mod) of 2014. I'll just would like to thank all those people who make this mod come true. Thank you.

DoctorJones3787d ago

Have you ever tried Morroblivion? That's another total conversion they've done, but obviously with Oblivion instead.

I was having a look at it yesterday, seems to be fairly complete, but from what I've read there's still some work to do in places. I might try it out later, see what it's like.

DxTrixterz3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I've heard about it but never tried it because I don't really like Oblivion anyway. I use Morrowind Overhaul which does it's job very good. Also even right now I'm modding Morrowind and I'm trying to solve conflicts within mods (I've got 119 plugins so far) and some mods I've installed are Morrowind Comes Alive, Children of Morrowind, Morrowind Rebirth, Tamriel Rebuild, Silgrad Tower, Sea of Destiny, some extra weapon packs, some face and head packs. I've got a lot and my Morrowind folder is like 12GB now.

Cernunnos3787d ago

I actually pretty much played through Morroblivion, it was excellent except for a few minor bugs. Skywind looks to be even better.

DoctorJones3787d ago

Good to hear Cernunnos, I'll have to give it a whirl then.


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anast44d ago

I tried, but it's a poorly made game that insults its customers.

lucian22944d ago

nah, only mods make it decent, and even then it's bad, and this is after i modded for at least 3 years

Nittdarko44d ago

Funnily enough, I'm about to play it for the first time in VR with 1000 mods to make the game playable, as is the Bethesda way


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SimpleSlave44d ago

"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

How about a few RPGs that deserve some love instead?
1 - Alpha Protocol - Now on GOG
2 - else Heart.Break()
3 - Shadowrun Trilogy
4 - Wasteland 2
5 - UnderRail
6 - Tyranny
7 - Torment: Tides of Numenera

And for a bonus game that flew under the radar:
8 - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

DustMan44d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol in all it's glorious jank. Great game.

SimpleSlave44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Not only glorious jank, but the idea that the story can completely change depending on what you do, or say, or side with, makes it one of the most forward thinking games ever. The amount of story permutation is the equivalent of a Hitman level but in Story Form. And it wasn't just that the story changed, no, it was that you met completely new characters, or missed them, depending on your choices. Made Mass Effect feel static in comparison.

Alpha Protocol was absolutely glorious, indeed. And it was, and still is, more Next Gen than most anything out there these days. In this regard at least.