MotorStorm 2: 16 tracks, Home confirmed

Nigel Kershaw, game director for MotorStorm 2, has confirmed that the new racer will have a "strong presence" on Home when the service eventually launches this year.

Breaking the silence on the lush-looking racer, Kershaw said, "Home is a really exciting area for all PlayStation 3 developers. It's going to have a huge impact on the gaming public when it comes out."

Without giving too much away, he added: "I think it's going to really start binding the PS3 online community together. I'm really looking forward to watching it progress, and MotorStorm will be a strong presence from the off."

Kershaw also confirmed that the final game will have 16 tracks - twice as many as the original at launch - with far more interaction in each one.

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Rikitatsu5771d ago

I lost interest in it a long time ago...

resistance1005771d ago

Im not bothered by it at present, however the grounds are there for something special, it has so much potential, if pulled off well, it will be great.

BilI Gates5771d ago

I care about Home but it's not one of those things that piss me off whenever it gets delayed. Sony should take their time with it and make it perfect before they launch it.

Kain815770d ago

..than you are the first one who use Home i bet

Fishy Fingers5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

When HOME comes you'll be happy they implemented things like this early, don't moan about getting extra features for nothing.

Admiratio5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

I have to agree, HOME will have great potential. It will go a long way in bringing PS3 consumers what they want in an online service. I also don't feel any negativity towards HOME when it gets delayed. I want and know they are working hard on optimizing HOME for us all.

Mc Fadge5770d ago

The whole concept an implementation seems great to me, I just hope it works well. Being in Australia I always expect getting the short end of the stick that's covered in rusty nails.

But hopefully, HOPEFULLY, they'll work on it and get it covered so we can chat with people worldwide without TOO much lag/problems

Gazman5770d ago

When I first saw home I thought sims/second life, and the only people that would care about this is most younger gamers

HighDefinition5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

Thank you, for speaking the truth. Cause the truth is, it`s FREE and the longer it takes, the better it`ll be in the long run.


Violater5770d ago

Going for a disagree record and loss of bubbles i see

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resistance1005770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

16 tracks will do nicely, im glad they are more destructable now as well, Motorstorm 2 really is fixing all the things wrong with the first one, and then adding more things to it, all within a short development time, this is shaping up to be one of the finest off-road racers ever.

3 Disagree's already? Can someone reply as to why you disagree or is it just the phantom disagreers again!

Fishy Fingers5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

I agree, they have obviously listened to the criticism the first game had and have gone above and beyond to rectify that. Tweak the graphics, speed up the online(lobby) and seriously reduce the load times and I'll be a happy man.

Mc Fadge5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

It's quite obviously because:

16 tracks will not do nicely, and it's clear that you're not glad that the environments are more destructible now, in fact, it's obvious you hate the very idea of more interactivity! Motorstorm 2 isn't fixing the things wrong with the first one and is either adding nothing to it or taking stuff out! And it's also easy to see that this wasn't in a short development time! A year and a half is simply to long! It's also because it's not shaping up to be the best off-road racer ever.

Or at least, that's what they're saying :3

I can't wait for Motorstorm 2, it's going to be amazing

(Irony is, if they disagree with me now, they agree with you ;D! Paradox! MUAHAHAA!)

resistance1005770d ago

That made me lol, have a bubble

Homicide5770d ago

Its just 360 fantrolls. I agree with you Resistance. I rented the first one, and it was okay. There were some flaws, but it seems like the second game is fixing it. Can't wait for it.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi5770d ago

Looking forward to the HOME stuff to;-P

Mc Fadge5770d ago (Edited 5770d ago )

Motorstorm 2 *drool* ^________^

Can't wait for 4 player split screen in these new, detailed, interactive maps :D!

I also wonder what the Home integration will be... Driving around the Home Universe no doubt :3