Final Fantasy XIV PS4 vs PS3 Screenshot Comparison: Huge Difference Shows Generational Leap

Here's a comparison between several screenshots of the upcoming PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV, and the same elements in the PS3 Version of the game, showing a huge generational leap, probably marking the most radical change between two versions of a cross-gen game.

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Cyb3r3853d ago

I don't see much of a difference

Abriael3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Thick glasses. You need em. Or maybe you need to click on the screenshots to see them at full resolution :D

iansannes3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Besides much better textures and less jaggies, which is great, I see no other major improvements. I cant wait til the new consoles are the ones where development is focused, when we will see vast improvements and more features/effects not possible on old consoles.

In a way LOD and better shadows are similar to improved textures in that they increase the clarity of the image, but they don't add any new 'effects', they just make them better.

However, you are right that more characters on the screen is a very important feature. And the game does look good, and thanks for a great, fair comparison by the way.

Abriael3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

@iansannes: shadows, LOD, reflections, normal maps. There's a lot more than jaggies and textures.

There's also the fact that the PS3 version displays only a limited number of characters at a time (the rest is invisible), while the PS4 has that limit much higher, like PC. That's a big difference in a MMO.

This game was developed and optimized for PC primarily, not for PS3, so it's definitely a game focused on the next generation (PC has been next generation for a while) not on the old one.

Arai3852d ago

What resolution is the PC version running at?
Because both the PS3 as well as the PS4 version looks like crap in comparison (too much blur).
Perhaps not crap but it's a lot more blurry, asking because I'll be starting to play the game soon.

ape0073852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

@Abriael, i really don't know what you're talking about, is it denial or new age gamers that didn't go through past generations

the two versions are almost identical and intact, no leap at all, just higher res textures, better AA and stuff, that is in no way shape or form a huge generational leap, it's a shame for anyone to say this, a huge leap is something that cannot be done intact on past gens, like Division and Unreal Engine 4 etc...

this is insulting to the real gamers

have u live through NES vs SNES

SNES/genesis vs Neogeo

SNES/genesis vs ps1/N64

ps1/N64 vs ps2/Xbox/GC

Ps2/Xbox/GC vs ps3/xbox360

really big difference?? really?.......i will never understand modern gamers

splinter cell 1 xbox vs ps2 (same generation) show a much bigger difference than most ps3/360 vs ps4/X1 games so far

the first true nextgen game that will come is Watch Dogs because it cannot be made INTACT on past gen

Bimkoblerutso3852d ago

I don't think anyone is denying that it's a better looking game on PS4. Only that this is not the dramatic "generational leap" the article makes it out to be.

Not that anyone expected it to be. It's a fine looking game, but it's roots are in old tech.

joab7773852d ago

I already know by comparing DCUO on ps3 and ps4. Screenshots r one thing. Wait until u see it in motion...when its crisp, clear and plays like a dream. I can't wait.

Abriael3852d ago

@Bimkoblerutso: sorry but no. Its roots are on PC, which is newer tech then next generation consoles :D

It also uses a completely new engine which is a customized spin off of Luminous.

guitarded773852d ago

I don't like sites using the stream for comparisons. We all know quality is lost when streaming, I'm sure it will look better on the PS4 than these screens show.

Anyway, great game... I'm playing it on PS3 right now, and plan to continue playing it on PS4.

Buff10443852d ago

First comment is the correct one. Looks similar to PS3. You guys are funny.

Pain3852d ago

It's like night and day PS4 version is much better.

haters hate the rest are just blind fanboys.

dedicatedtogamers3852d ago

The game looks beautiful but I'm not that much into MMOs. Hopefully this game continues to get a lot of support from SE and Sony.

Abriael3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

@ape007: The PS4/PC version doesn't have pixels as big as your thumb, and textures that look like a blurry mess. It also displays 3 or more time as many characters as the PS3 version, as the article mentions, and you ignored.

Sorry to burst a bubble, but anyone that actually played the PS3 version knows what I'm talking about. You obviously didn't, so you don't know what you're talking about.

As a matter of fact the PS4/PC version of FFXIV cannot be done "intact" in past generations (nice definition invented by yourself, by the way). The PS3 version is a highly maimed version of the game, that even like that stretches the hardware to its limits.

You seem more mad that the game isn't on your platform of choice. As a matter of fact, I think you are.

360ICE3852d ago

Huge difference
Only available in full resolution :P

UltimateMaster3852d ago

If you buy the PS3 version, you get the PS4 version free.

NewMonday3852d ago

PS4 obviously better even though it was using the same engine as cross-gen game , better resolution and lighting and like Abriael says the differences go on to gameplay it's not just about graphics.

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TheGreatGamer3853d ago

Open in fullscreen and then tell me you don't see a difference

Kayant3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

What Abriael said you need to zoom in.

Detail in the rocks for example is more apparent, the colours are warmer & accurate.

Ol_G3852d ago

So i need to zoom in on rocks to see the next gen differences
I'm sorry but that's not what i call next gen
This game is just an upscaled version of the ps3 version
I'll wait for real next gen games to form an opinion but this doesn't scream next gen

Kayant3852d ago

"So i need to zoom in on rocks to see the next gen differences" - Well ofc that's not the full res how do you expect to notice differences if you're not viewing the image natively, also the captures are from a stream so there's some quality loss there.

"This game is just an upscaled version of the ps3 version" - Not from what they have said it isn't I think it's putting it too simply.

"I'll wait for real next gen games to form an opinion but this doesn't scream next gen" - Well true it's a cross gen title afterall so difference is not going to be massive as it would if this was a PC/PS4 only title.

its_JEFF3853d ago

I see a really big difference, actually. Two extra Asian men in the lower bottom left corner. LOL

Aleithian3852d ago

From these pictures, I don't see much difference either. There's a few noticeable differences, that people point out in comments here. But I don't see evidence of the huge generation gap from these pictures.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a significant difference in-game. I'd really like to see a video comparison. I couldn't tell much of a difference between ACIV on PS3 and PS4 until I saw a video comparison, for instance.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3852d ago

Remember when the ps4 power fans got happy against pc version?


All versions are not impressive.

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blakstarz3852d ago

I agree, where is this HUGE difference?

ABizzel13852d ago

Click on them to see the difference, it's an improvement, but it's not mindblowing.

Textures look much better, AA is much better, vegetation looks much better, PS4 is more crisp and has a cleaner image, and of corse PS4 is 1080. Not the next-gen wow, but it's an improvement for such as short time in development.

Most of these developers porting their games to the new consoles have had less than a year to do it, so instead of waiting too long to fully improve the game by redoing all the textures, enhancing character models, and getting the framerate stable at 60fps, they doing rush jobs to get the games out so they can capitalized on getting new games out there to play for gamers, and getting these ports out before the bigger TRUE next-gen games start to release (at which point their port will get overlooked).

You got to take it for what it is. If it's a game you enjoyed/missed on the PS360 but didn't get the DLC, and you want to run through it again with better graphics. Then that's what these are for, plain and simple :D

worldwidegaming3852d ago

The easiest way to see a difference is to look at the floor.

Tsar4ever013852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

It's easy to see that the PC version will ALWAYS fare better than the consoles for one reason only, The PC can and will always be able to run the same types of multiplat games titles in HIGHER RESOLUTION.

Console games highest rez achievable on HDTV's is 1080p(2304k). Pc games of the same game title on a monitor could surpass 1080p and rise as high as 7680×4800(36864k)WHUXGA. *That is if your dedicated GPU could handle it.

But anyways, Decent port Playstation. GO PS4!!