Internode Games Network: Age of Conan Preview

The titular anti-hero is probably one of the most recognised characters in the pulp fantasy genre. Robert E Howard, author of the original books, depicted a barbaric world of savage men, scantily clad women, blood sacrifices and evil sorcerers, where life was harsh and all too often brutally short and painful in video games anyway. This is not high fantasy, with its elves, dwarves, magic and good vs. evil. These are tales of men in an unforgiving world, where one lives and dies by the sword - gore included. Not to say that demons, undead and dark magic are absent, but they tend to be an addendum to a more 'realistic' setting.

Funcom has taken it upon themselves to bring this setting to life in Age of Conan, an MMO based on the Hyborian Age, a fictional time period circa 10,000 BC. The land is loosely based on our own world, albeit represented as a huge landmass encompassing Europe, Africa and Asia.

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