Almost 2 Million Users Waiting For a PS4 From Gamestop

According to a rumor spreading on the Web, almost 2 million customers are supposedly in Gamestop's waiting list for a PlayStation 4 console.

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ATi_Elite1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

if this is true then the PS4 will pass the WiiU by the end of this year.

1 year head start

2 months to be passed up by superior hardware with actual GAMES.

odderz1863d ago

No-one will argue the "superior hardware" point, but "actual games"? Both the XB1 and PS4 have no essential games right now. When you're not being a raving fanboy, that much is obvious.

Septic1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

" Both the XB1 and PS4 have no essential games right now."

Yeah true but it's not long till Infamous and Titanfall are released. How long did it take the Wii U to get a real killer app? I know I'm still waiting after one year. Then, its just a veritable blitzkrieg of promising games;:

The Order
Quantum Break
The Division
Drive Club
Halo 5

and more....

Wii U is missing out on key third party games and even its first party line-up leaves a lot to be desired. It would be a big kick up Nintendo's back side if what ATI predicts actually happens. No doubt Reggie will find a way to spin it though.

plaZeHD1863d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees just for stating the facts.
Well that's N4G for you.

GarrusVakarian1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I agree, the good stuff is coming in 2014 for both consoles, i don't know why people expect so much from launch titles.

nypifisel1863d ago

Huh, why is people disagreeing with this? Wii U at the moment got a stellar line up of good games, granted it took them long enough to get here but it's irrelevant in this question. Neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One can really shake a stick at the Nintendo Software now. It'll get better during 2014 naturally but not at the moment. This have nothing to do with hardware but a cold look at each systems software, and Nintendo just got the best out the atm.

Third parties can be set aside seeing how those can be played on last generation and PCs so not really a valid argument.

sprinterboy1863d ago


Agree dude, loving my ps4 but played the heck out of kz, bf4, knack, resogun and contrast, need more games now lol, not really interested in nfs or ac. Might have to give in to fifa but was hoping to wait for world cup edition

abzdine1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


In the case on Wii U, I think people are just enjoying talking bad about it for no reason.. Killer app? ask these same people to tell you what they wanna see on Wii U. Key third party titles are there, proof that Wii U owners don't want these games..
While a killer app is proper to every single person, to me Zelda is the one when it comes to Nintendo consoles and is the only reason i buy them.
Nintendo can release exclusive Battlefield or even Uncharted, i promise you no one would buy it either, people would still find something to talk bad about Wii U.
Nintendo in my opinion should focus on first party games like they always did. Metroid, Starfox, Zelda, Mario is jackpot everytime..

to answer the article, looks like PS4 is on a ROLL... too bad it's out of stock everywhere!!!!
in Denmark colleagues of mine have tried to find one without any luck!!! they had no choice but pay for it if they wanna have a chance to get one by january.

Eonjay1863d ago

People want what they want.

DragonPs41863d ago

I would rather play Killzone for the rest of my life than to play a mario/zelda/metroid game.

Quethas1863d ago

I'm very happy with Killzone:SF and Resogun right now.

mediate-this1863d ago

I got both day one, and i have to say since i got my xb1 i have not played my ps4, xb1 launch games are better in my opinion, the game i was playing the most was bf4 on ps4. I know sony has many many games in the works and they usually are slow and steady type company. And micro is a bust their nut in five mins type company. But as of now im playing micro launch games.

nightsurge1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

These articles are so stupid and no one seems to understand. THIS IS NOT A WAITING LIST! It's just a simple mailing list. The size of which grew until shortly after release. People that have received their consoles aren't magically removed from the mailing list. They are still there unless they go in and manually remove themselves from notifications.

So please understand that this IN NO WAY implies that 2 million people are still waiting for PS4s from Gamestop. I'm sure very large portion of those in the list have gotten PS4s by now.

SilentNegotiator1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

"In the case on Wii U, I think people are just enjoying talking bad about it for no reason.. Killer app? ask these same people to tell you what they wanna see on Wii U. Key third party titles are there, proof that Wii U owners don't want these games"

Which is why Pikmin 3 and sm3Dw sold so well, right? Wii U owners are just sooooo busy with those killer app first party games, that they're not buying third party games either?

mewhy321863d ago

I'd say those estimates are pretty close to the mark. PS4's are hard to find in stock right now.

strickers1863d ago

Games are subjective. Poke your "essential". I heard Galaxy 1 and 2 were best games of the gen. I'd give them both a 7/10. I finished both.
Killzone multiplayer is deep, challenging, tactically flexible and tense. I call it essential.

geddesmond1863d ago

What do you mean no essential games. PS4 has COD, Battlefield, KZ, Fifa14 and AC4. With Watchdogs, MGS:GZ and Infamous to come soon. That's a ridiculous statement. If those games don't appeal to you then fair enough. Each to their own but how can you speak for everyone saying they have no essential games???

Then don't forget that Destiny and Elder Scrolls online are coming second part of next year along with whatever else is released. Plus who buys a consol for release games anyway. Not to mention that WiiU is out how long and how many essential games does that have.

Look we all knew when WiiU specs were announced how it would do and sub par graphics and ram don't cut it anymore. Everyone whats the pretty look girl in the corner and not her ugly sister.

ikkokucrisis1863d ago

PS4's are in stock online:

My friend ordered his online today and reported that it shipped already

Go go go!

KwietStorm1863d ago

I don't know what an essential game is, but I know I'm playing games on PS4 right now that the Wii U doesn't have, and never will. I guess those are the essential reasons why I bought a PS4 and not a Wii U.

PudgeySan1863d ago

Cod Ghosts
AC Black Flag

Those are 6 games that should keep you busy till the New Year, If not there are exclusives and Indie as well.. The launch line ups for this gen of any have been the best I would say, I know some would disagree but I am clocking major hours into Battlefield and Resogun - Kz is next. Gamers are just plan fucking entitled these days. Play the dam games you have dammit, they are amazing !!!

Spenok1863d ago

So my copies of Killzone, Assassins Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Knack, Contract, Rosogun, and Escape plan aren't actual games?

Damn! I wish I knew WHAT they were then. Because I sure thought they were.

Oh, and to respond to ATi_Elite as well. Yeah The WiiU has actual games too. Hell, you don't even have to look that hard. It just doesn't have very good 3rd party support, as most gamers don't buy 3rd party games on their home systems. Thus they don't make them.

MazzingerZ1863d ago

PS4 and X1 are getting HD versions of most games released on PS3 and X360, looks way better and you can play them with a better controller as well, exclusives are around the corner...have you a PSV then you have remote-play as well.

Don't understand why people is willing to buy a console in the future just for a couple essential games but not because already offers better versions and experiences of the games they are getting next month for older platforms

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Irishguy951863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

The Wii U has WAY more games than the Ps4 right now. And probably will through next year. The Wii U has 2 potential 'Game of the Generation's coming out next year(Xeno**** and Zelda) and has the rest of their top franchises coming in. Like Smash bro's.

Not that i'm saying you're wrong. It's pretty clear Nintendo had the casuals last time and don't this time. However, expect much more Wii U's to start selling next year too. I'll be buying one for sure. After the Ps4 of course. The Wii U basically sold **** all and had a major sale spike with just 1 games release. Super mario world. Expect the same from Zelda and X. X is the successor to Xenoblade, which is already a cult classic. And then you have the trailers. Xenoblade was one of the best RPG's last gen. Xeno U already looks to be topping it.

I don't expect Wii U to sell as much as the other two this gen. But lets be straight forward, the thing is going to sell. I think most gamers are like me. They don't buy a gaming system just for the sake of having one. Early adopters to consoles are called early for a reason. I'm getting the Ps4 when theres a worthwhile reason to have it. Which is soon. The same goes for Wii U.

Edit - For the moment, Ps+ and Dark souls 2(which will be better than any next gen game currently out) are going to keep me happily gaming without a next gen console/. All while my Ps4 library builds up with Ps+ until I actually get the console

I'm not saying it's going to compete Alexious haha, i'm saying it's going to sell. Also taking into account that the system is cheap as chips compared to the other two. The Wii U has been doing ****, dreadful up till now. But just 1 game was enough to make it start selling. Again, next year it has one of the best years nintendo will ever have. Exclusives wise in particular. And especially in sales. Majority of gamers(The ones who don't follow gaming news) look at games. Not platforms. Cod, Halo, Mario, Zelda, Final fantasy(back in the day), pokemon, Uncharted. I'd also wager any gamer that gets a Wii U will also be getting one of the other 2 systems.

I was set on eventually getting a Wii U after X was shown. I've played Xenoblade -> yes monolith soft know what they're doing. More than most Jap devs in these dark days. Then there is Zelda which literally always is a quality game. Often marked among the top of the generation. Then the various mario franchises like Galaxy(64, sunshine, Galaxy 1/2) and the side scroll ones(The most recent one is supposed to be epic). Then there is Bayonetta 2/ Smash bros

Alexious1863d ago

Right now? Yeah. Through next year? Hell no.

Compare launch lineup with launch lineup and Year 1 with Year, and you'll see quickly that this is not the case. WiiU doesn't have strong third party support, in the long run its software will suffer compared to the PS4 which will have 99% of games except the exclusive of the other platofrms.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1863d ago

no one cares about the wii this lol

iamnsuperman1863d ago

"The Wii U has 2 potential 'Game of the Generation's coming out next year(Xeno**** and Zelda)"

Isn't it a bit early in the generation to be touting that. We have a least 5 years worth of games to come. It is a bit ignorant to say that (especially when we havnt seen a single thing about Zelda)

nategrigs1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Im really not sure why so many people are disagreeing with you. Do they think you're bashing the ps4?

The fact is that the WiiU is a great second console. I had a Wii for a month or two before it was stolen, so when I get the U I'll immediately have HUGE library of great games to play. Sure it has no third party support, but my ps4 has those covered.

Buying a second console is all about exclusive games, and I think its clear that WiiU exclusives are pretty great.

asmith23061863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Mobile devices also have WAY more games than PS4 and X1 at the moment, but do people want to play them? No, because it doesn't matter. People harp on about Nintendo having Mario, Zelda, etc. but being honest, would you rather have a PS4 or WiiU hooked up to your TV right now? If people answer honestly, 90% will say PS4 regardless of its lack of games. There is a reason the WiiU has sold very little; it is not nearly as appealing as a console (never mind the games) compared to the PS4 or X1, and doesn't have any of the potential. It is, in terms of power, spec'd like a last gen console, and people are always going to want the latest and greatest in their living room when it comes to that untapped potential.

The WiiU is doomed if you ask me. Nintendo got by on a gimmick last gen, that worked really well for them. This time around, no one even knows what the WiiU is. Is it a controller upgrade for the Wii or a new console? Nintendo have done a woeful job telling the casuals, that they relied on last gen, about what the WiiU actually is.

Ju1863d ago

"The Wii U has WAY more games than the Ps4 right now."

I don't know what's the point. And so does the PS3 and 360.

Man, I just getting swamped with PSN games left and right - either free or cheap. Great games I haven't had a chance playing. Why would I get a WiiU? I got the PS4 for next gen, and a huge backlog of existing great titles - plus new ones. Best of two worlds.

SilentNegotiator1863d ago

"Not that i'm saying you're wrong. It's pretty clear Nintendo had the casuals last time and don't this time. However, expect much more Wii U's to start selling next year too. I'll be buying one for sure. After the Ps4 of course. The Wii U basically sold **** all and had a major sale spike with just 1 games release. Super mario world"

I think you're forgetting that it is DECEMBER. Wii U is enjoying a sales spike because it's the HOLIDAYS.

KwietStorm1863d ago

Potential games of the generation? Let's ..just...relax.

Profchaos1863d ago

Game of the generation is something i HIGHLY doubt especially because the generation has barely started maybe in 5 years or so that claim will be more believable but not a chance now developers have no idea how to use any of the hardware in this next gen right now including wii u PS4 and XB1.

So your deluded if you believe those games will define the generation not saying they will be bad but they will be forgotten in under 12 months.

look at current gen game of the gen well i would say gta v and that didn't release until the very end of the generation.

deafdani1862d ago

While I agree with the majority of your post, Zelda hasn't been shown at all, let alone given a release date. So, the chances of it releasing on 2014 are very slim.

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vegnadragon1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Wii U is the next GameCube. Thank god they have the 3DS.

amodestoccasion1863d ago

Even without the 3DS, Nintendo would be sitting pretty on top of Wii and DS sales - even still.

Eonjay1863d ago


Not really. Companies pay dividends from profits, not from a reservoir of cash they have on the books. If you can't generate profits the shareholders will come for you.

CocoWolfie1863d ago

and to think the most hyped games arent even released yet.. lets just say this is going to end in.. greatness ;)

PSjesus1863d ago

WiiU well face worse nightmare next year when every 3rd party move to next gen and no one have time to develop to outdated machine,only PS3 and 360 ports well keep it alive

andrewsqual1863d ago

It already has passed it at launch in countries like Ireland. I think you all forget that PS4 is not even out in Japan yet.

GribbleGrunger1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

It doesn't work like that. Sony have to produce the console to sell the console, and at the moment they're producing 1 million a month. it will, however, have surpassed the Wiiu sales by next March.

showtimefolks1863d ago

i am not sure if that number is true but if it is than sony's president was right in saying he think ps4 will sell 5 million by december 31st

i am getting mine with infamous 2nd son or mlb the show in 2014

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odderz1863d ago

Hopefully a blow to Microsoft's US success will make them a little more generous with Games for Gold or something similar. Currently, Playstation Plus is the best deal in gaming, and it's understandable why Sony has won a lot of fans in the last year.

Irishguy951863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Yeah this months Ps+(EU) is my ****ing christmas present. I want every single game Sony are giving me.

Literally yesterday I was considering getting Blazblue and Soul sacrifice, I was going to choose between them and then had a look on n4g/

Alexious1863d ago

PS Plus is amazing, no doubt on that. I'm getting a Vita just to get all of those games!

cleft51863d ago

I just brought a PSVita and I have no less than 15 great PS Vita games to download for free thanks to PS+. PS+ is just amazing.

Megaton1863d ago

I laughed when I went over to my friend's house to see that Gears of War 1 was the free game for gold this month, while Borderlands 2 was the newest free game on plus.

LeCreuset1863d ago

The problem with Games for Gold is that MS tried to put the cherry on top of a cake that hadn't been baked yet. Instead of making sure that they had something that could compete with the Plus offerings, MS was focused on one-uping Plus. Free games to keep are nice in theory, but in reality few people are going to want to give their games away for free to keep. That pretty much leaves only MS published games that they are willing to take a hit on. games so old that they really don't have a place in the market, and crappy games that won't sell otherwise.

pyramidshead1863d ago

It's almost TOO good. I asked for DMC: Devil May Cry for Christmas because I know it's dirt cheap now...then Sony announces that it'll be hitting PS+ on the 24th lol. Damnit! Not sure whether I'll get it so it's almost a win-win situation as I'll be able to download it if I don't get it on the 25th from Santa! :P

showtimefolks1863d ago


if fanboys would just stop trolling than people will realize how great psn-plus really is and how much MS is getting away with

sony is giving 4 year old games to plus members while MS is offering games that came out years ago and cost under $8 bucks at stores

since February sony has done almost everything right while MS have done everything wrong and than made 180s all the way through launch

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Aurenar1863d ago

I do not understand why there are so many production problems. People without consoles are too many. Sony really did not expect such a large demand?

Alexious1863d ago

I don't think there's an issue with that, they are producing everything that they can. The thing is, the demand is simply unprecedented.

PS4 is breaking all sales records.

shivvy241863d ago

My friend is still waiting on his pre Christmas console, and my neighbors peeorder is in early jan

pyramidshead1863d ago

So much this. The factories must be working so much over time, which could lead to some bad consoles(maybe, idk). But the demand is off the charts and will be the most popular console to have for all of 2014 I feel.

medman1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Aurenar, you seem not to understand how manufacturing works. The PS4 uses parts from several vendors and it only takes a slowdown in production from even one of those suppliers to limit production capacity. There will always be a shortage with new products, it doesn't matter if you're talking cars, a hot new television, or a cabbage patch kid. For in demand items, demand will always outstrip supply on inception.

GarrusVakarian1863d ago

Alexious pretty much summed it up perfectly.

If this was "normal" demand, PS4 wouldn't be having shortages.....but the PS4 is wanted so badly that they simply cant keep up with demand....kind of a double edged sword really.

Alexious1863d ago

Yes, especially since some customers will buy an Xbox One instead if it's available. That's how it works, especially in the Holiday where family will buy gifts and if PS4 isn't available, then they'll buy XB1.

ravinash1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

2 Million is a lot of consoles.... just think about it.
Most people can't picture a million objects in their head. They just can't build them fast enough.
And it's not like this is a mould of something....this is producing a million of those takes time.

frostypants1863d ago

These consoles are built from parts manufactured by many suppliers. Consoles (or any CE device really) can only be produced so fast. If the supplier for a part can't keep up, the entire system is held up.

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kingdom181863d ago

Hopefully. More consoles sold means more games coming to it.

Belking1863d ago

And this rumor is based on what some said in a forum and not gamestop smh

GentlemenRUs1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

And once again you come into an article which you can bash with crap...

Why not just stop for a little bit eh?


Personally attacking me again eh? Get out... Also I lost a bubble because a MOD went on a rampage that one time...

ragincrinz1863d ago

@GentlemenRUs you comment on nearly every article, that's why your down to 2 bubbles coz all you do is troll and moan. only post if you have something good to say

dmeador1863d ago


How is it crap? Why would you not question something that just seems off the wall? Logic goes out the window on many things posted here.

People jump on things that serve their personal opinion. PS4 owners want to believe they have what other people want.

GarrusVakarian1863d ago

I agree, it's not from an official source, but i think me and you can agree that this is perfectly possible Belking...i mean, the PS4 is the most wanted/best selling console after all.

pyramidshead1863d ago

A delicious Belking denial comment.
Standard N4g. :P