Bloomberg: Gamestop says 2.3 mil customers waiting for PS4

GameStop Corp., the largest specialty retailer of video games, said its initial allocation of Sony Corp. PlayStation 4 consoles sold out and that 2.3 million customers are waiting for the devices.

Initial sales of the player exceeded its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, by more than 80 percent in the first few days, executives of the Grapevine, Texas-based chain said today on a conference call with analysts.

GameStop Corp. also anticipate a large waiting list for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox One, suggesting a prolonged industry sales slump is ending.


(mil = million)

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dedicatedtogamers1732d ago

Exactly. What about it?

It's pretty clear that PS4 is the hot item among gamers right now.

xHeavYx1731d ago

Damn, that's double the amount they sold at launch. PS2 days are back.
I can picture certain people looking at the PS4 and reacting ...

pyramidshead1731d ago

Damn, 2.3million still waiting...IN THE US. That's the most important aspect of that. JUST in the US. Holy sh1T balls. That'll keep stacking throughout and past black friday and Christmas.

then....on top of that, the rest of Europe in another week.

Sony got this on lock!

blackbeld1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


PS4 domination comes sooner then our imagination.

LOL_WUT1731d ago

At this pace it'll easily surpass the wiiu's sales! ;)

Akuma2K1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


Sony just doesn't have it on lockdown, they got this sh*t on solitary

Deividas1731d ago

I actually, no lie, just walked into a KMart and bought another PS4, they just had one sitting on a shelf and i saw it and bought. Fucking luck man.

slimeybrainboy1731d ago

@Update Who thought that mil didnt mean million? It wouldnt be "2.3 milliliters of customers waiting for PS4" would it now?

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FITgamer1732d ago

Lol I picture this after reading your comment.

ruefrak1732d ago

"They also anticipate a large waiting list for Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Xbox One, suggesting a prolonged industry sales slump is ending."

Goku7811732d ago

Irrelevant at this point. Maybe once they package it in with cable. MS was focused on entertainment like Nintendo was focused on motion gaming and casual gamers instead of focusing on the games.


times are changing back to the way they ought to be. im diggin sony right now. cause i dont need alot of entertainment, i just need a choice of great games to keep me entertained when i buy a console. thats why i bought a ps4. good times

christocolus1732d ago


Read the article..the waiting list is based on post launch demand..he says they are also anticipting a karge waiting list for the xbx one too..both consoles will keep selling out for a while.

mrpsychoticstalker1731d ago

Agree. Its funny to see Sony fanboys trolling and down voting my comment. Lol

Patrick1731d ago

Right, the key word is "ANTICIPATING" for Xbox one, and not that its already a sure thing. However they do know for fact that over 2 million are awaiting a PS4. We should wait for sales data on xbone before you get your hopes up that it will be as sought after as PS4. So far preliminary data has shown much more anticipation for PS4 than for xbox one... by 2 to 5 times in most cases.

S2Killinit1731d ago

nobody is saying that xbone wont be selling good numbers as well, but from what they are saying it seems like the PS4 will be leading the majority of sales. I'm sure xbox will sell impressive numbers too when it releases

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1732d ago

mrpsychoticstalker + 55m ago
what about xb1?

Hi jokesonyou

tagan8tr1731d ago

lol I was thinking it was jokesonyou as well with that avatar pic lmfao..

3-4-51731d ago

xb1 probably like 800,000-1.5 mil.

The demand isn't as high right now.

Every year for the next 7-8 years it will adjust though for both xb1 & ps4

noctis_lumia1731d ago

the crap box wont come close to these numbers buddy keep dreaming

i mean in the same time ps4 sold those

josephayal1731d ago

wt about X1? maybe 1.9 mil

nosferatuzodd1731d ago

Deividas you lucky bastard lol man i envy you right now im looking all over the internet i cant find any anywhere

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Majin-vegeta1732d ago

Holy tamales people have spoken.

Tony-A1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

The waiting list for one retailer alone is almost half of Sony's projected sales target for the end of their fiscal year in 2014. That's astronomical.

If they can produce units at three times the speed they currently do, they would probably meet their target before the end of this month. Keep in mind that we're still only talking about North America... that is absolutely insane.

ikk471731d ago

saw your dp and read your comment with Vegetas' voice. ***GOLD***

komp1732d ago

haha... i mentally had this picture of 2.3 million people queued up outside gamestop's.. but then reality set back in.

Nice numbers.

Would that mean that during the PS4 launch window they would/could have sold 3.3 million, that is including the 1mil in the 24rs in NA only of course....

SoapShoes1732d ago

More actually, it's one company with others on wait most likely.

ShutUpDonny1731d ago

2.3 million people waiting in line for a PS4 and an old lady at the register buying a Barbie game for her grandson with a purse full of change and a coupon.

Vitalogy1731d ago

God have mercy on that old lady soul XD

Akuma2K1731d ago

Lmaoooooo....bubbles for you.

rainslacker1731d ago

Still faster than people buying lottery tickets. They are worse in my opinion.

iiwii1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I pictured 2.3 million zombies ascendinding upon Gamestop... And nothing can stop the onslought

Kayant1732d ago

Hot damn..... Nothing stops that train. EU is going to have some crazy numbers.

pyramidshead1731d ago

I know right. Sony did good in the market some said they had literally no chance at gaining back. Brilliant news.