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Let’s be honest, Doctor Who fans have been wanting (and needing) a decent game to play, and unfortunately the very broken Doctor Who: Eternity Clock just didn’t cut it. Riding on the heels of the 50th Anniversary special, Doctor Who Legacy gives fans a rpg-puzzler to run them back through the many seasons of the show. With a mix of combat-Bejeweled and some RPG and collectible elements, this game is guaranteed to keep any Whovian busy for hours!

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LAWSON721772d ago

Im a big doctor who fan and I thought this game sucked, I would rather play Candy Crush instead of this crap, lol

joeorc1772d ago


"Im a big doctor who fan and I thought this game sucked, I would rather play Candy Crush instead of this crap, lol"

just interested to know, why you think it sucked? i play it right now and i have upgraded my team members to level three, and both the 10th and 11th generation Dr.'s to level 3 each that's level 3 ability..not over all character levels, because all my characters are like 23rd level. some you have to switch out certain companions. esp with getting them to face the minions of the Great Intelligence. they are tough.

certain combo companions are needed. corruption change from pink orbs to black orbs happens so having k-9 or other black orb using companions can have great effect on the Great Intelligence or its minions.

LAWSON721772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

sure it has depth but you really got to be into mobile gaming to care. i played 4-5 episodes and it was boring so I quit. IMO the presentation sucked and in mobile gaming that is a huge factor. It is great you really get into mobile gaming but me I can careless and am happy with emulating classics and playing the fun and addictive puzzle games that make me want to play more.

joeorc1772d ago


Oh' Ok so you did not get to the end of EPS: 7 right , so as to unlock EPS: 6? ok.

well to each his own than.

for other player's after you get to the mid way point, the games wave 3 and 4 for every episode's can get real tough.

well at first i did not think it was going to be that exciting, but as i progressed further the challenging aspect is to figure out which companions to use with which Dr. to get not only past the objective but to also build up the companions to gain further advantage with the ability they possess.

after the Midway point the time vortex clones you have to face of your Dr. can be very tough to beat without the right combo of companions.