PS3 Titles Require Firmware Update

Three more launch titles will require a firmware update before you'll be able to play them. Much like what happens with the PSP, you'll see an alert that says you must upgrade to a newer firmware version before playing.

Genji: Days of the Blade, Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance: Fall of Man will all require a system update to version 1.02. The update ships on the disc so that you won't need to be online to download anything, but you should of course be able to update before the games come by hopping online.

BIadestarX6413d ago

So, this is how Sony will stop people from using the PS3 for homebrew applications.

DJ6413d ago

and I haven't heard any complaints about that. Phil Harrison did state that the operating system would be constantly updated and have new features added throughout the console's life cycle, which is pretty neat.

power of Green 6412d ago

So if i click on your user name i wont find 50 comments that say MS's upgrades are patches due to MS's mistake of not making the 360 powerful enough. Before you respond read your post history.

big_tim6412d ago

They are both. You know it. As with the latest 360 update. Fixes and improvements. I expect the same from the PS3. Shouldn't you?

calderra6412d ago

You're missing a big piece here, though. You HAVE to get this update to play the game. Period. The game CANNOT be played without the update. Yes it luckily comes bundled, but will that always be the case? Every single time? Other this console's life?

360's online updates are only required if you plan on taking a game online.

If there were a game that didn't get bundled with its update (or all the necessary updates depending on how it's done and a person's individual attention to updates), you wouldn't be able to play it unless you went online. And even on Xbox 360, not everyone is online.

So the troublesome bit is, theoretically anyway, someone could get screwed with an unplayable game until they managed to find the appropriate update somewhere.

I've worked in game stores, and I've dealt with people who couldn't use random stuff on their PSP due to not updating or having a problem getting updates. Not a pretty thing.

BIadestarX6412d ago

I honesly never like people that never pay for the games since this encourage companies like EA to milk the ones that does. I Like what Sony will do with the PS3 to prevent people from copy games. With the exception of the PSP since it has no games and emulators game me a reason why to keep my PSP. Not everything I say is a complain. If you read what I wrote, "So, this is how Sony will stop people from using the PS3 for homebrew applications." What I wrong?

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original seed6413d ago

you have to do them for everyother new game you buy. Microsoft only does this a few times a year. It does help with modding and cheating online.

AudioRage6412d ago (Edited 6412d ago )

can quite easily be heard. eh, i dono, i dont really like the way my psp gets update every couple of months to be honest, but obviously this will be less complicated. good enough idea, i jus cant wait to it comes on the market ,i wont be buying one but competition is when the fruits will bare

InMyOpinion6412d ago

This is a good thing, it prolongs the life of the console. Although i have'nt dared download the latest 360 update. Is it fixed yet? One of my buddies 360 crashed from it, and it was neither flashed or newly bought...