SOE boss: I can't wait to see Everquest Next on PS4

John Smedley indicates MMO's console release is just a matter of time

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CocoWolfie1798d ago

one of the first MMO's ill actually get into, or that im interested in, it looks really good :)

indysurfn1797d ago

I wonder if he will get a phone call from his boss, and the other end say: we need to talk! Why are you announcing games that are a secret weapon for the future in a casual way? You never know if that will make Microsoft redouble there efforts to get WOW as a 6 month exclusive! ROFL Next time keep quiet lose lips sinks ships! (for six months)

solidt121797d ago

My Co-worker plays the original still everyday. He has like 100 people in his guild. The original came out in 1999 and the fact that so many people still plays it amazes me.

mafiahajeri1797d ago

You under estimate the PC crowd they play all kind if old games that you wouldn't expect to still be active.

BallsEye1797d ago

You should check out Archage. Coming to US and Europe soon. I've played a lot of mmos and this is the only that stands out. Man made cities/forests etc etc. Yep aside from normal MMO activities like kicking butts you can build your house anywhere in the world, grow crops, plant trees and end uphaving piggery or big @ss castle with a guild ship for ship battles, also crafted. Probably most advanced mmo out there.

indysurfn1797d ago

This and WOW are the only MMO's that make me excited!

lets_go_gunners1797d ago

I hope they actually spend time with the controls to make it work. Console mmos are just so clunky it's not even funny. Though I am optimistic.

tulholdren1797d ago

ME too can't wait to see some Evercrack Next on my PS4

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