Games Gone Missing 2016 - Where are they Now?

Cyberpunk 2077, EverQuest Next, Street Fighter x Tekken, Rime and Phantom Dust; games that took the world by storm then suddenly fell silent. Where's Battlecry, Let It Die, Deep Down and the mystery project from Hazelight? Find out the latest in this video.

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Glak18992d ago

The way gaming should be. Enough of this constant announcing of games 4 years away. When the game is 6 months from release then hype it up. Too early hype always hurts a game.

Kallisti992d ago

They might want to fix the part where they wrote Street Fighter x Tekken instead of Tekken x Street Fighter.

Skate-AK991d ago

Like Kallisti said, SFxT already came out years ago. TxSF has not.