Can MMOs Be Successful Again

Zach Sharpes from and Jordan from sit down to discuss if MMOs can be successful again. This question stems from the recent cancellation of EverQuest Next and Fable Legends, as well as, the recent quarrels at Carbine relating to Wildstar. Console MMOs, or as Zach Sharpes calls them "Hybrid MMOs" (Destiny/The Division) are also discussed. Do you think MMOs can make a come back?

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Zsharpes1958d ago

Do you think they can be successful again? Or do you think "Hybrid MMOs" such as Destiny and The Division are the future?

pompombrum1957d ago

I've love to see a fully fledged MMO based on something like Destiny and The Division. Both games have their strengths but both lack just far too many things that what make MMORPGs great. Many MMOs can enjoy various degrees of success but for them to thrive with the current development costs, it's almost essential that they take advantage of the current gen console user bases as well as PC.

Tracers1958d ago

Interesting video, I think that MMO's are having a hard time on PC, but console MMO's are doing great. Maybe this is where we will see more MMO's in the future and not on PC.

Zsharpes1958d ago

It's possible, although I hope those console MMOs become more complex. The only two that I have seen with standard MMO stuffs is DCUO and FFXIV. Destiny and The Division are quite bare in comparison.

detroitmademe1958d ago

Yea dcuo was the last good mmo I put allot of time into. It felt vast and the gameplay felt different enough. Like zsharpes said, destiny and division feel pretty bare. One game I think that would make a great mmo depending on how it's done is gta.gta online already feels like a borderline mmo but I think they'd have to give us a straight forward reason as to what were playing for or a clear cut goal. because as it stands right now it just feels like it's a "casual fun" type of game.

Zsharpes1958d ago

I still want to play DCUO... but their recent raids killed it for me. Very random mechanics with inconsistent ways to stop them from wiping your entire party is not a fun time lol. Plus, some of the raids require two tanks, but the group finder only gives you one. It's quite silly. =P

1957d ago