Interview: Madden NFL 09 - PS3 Version at 60 FPS

GameTap are eating steak in 30 Rock's famed Rainbow Room with players like Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck sitting just a table away, but all they can think of is one thing -- Madden NFL 09. Then again, it's difficult not to be thinking Madden when the new Favre cover is basically plastered on every wall and even hangs in Times Square.

That's why after lunch they caught up with one of the game's lead designers, Phil Frazier, as he filled them in on a variety of new features including Adaptive AI, bobble catches and online leagues. GameTap has the scoop.

Spike475695d ago

wanna know more about Madden 09.

They should make better graphics.

Shaka2K65695d ago

Not only that but also best graphics,physics,gameplay,load times, frame rates ect.

Everybody is now making the most out of the PS3 power, even those game devs noobs at ea.

games now will be made for the PS3 1st then ported to the x360 where they will look like crap.

deeznuts5695d ago

It took 3 versions of Madden to hit 60fps on the 360 (06-08) and now 3 versions to hit 60 fps on the PS3 (07-09) but nobody wanted to listen last year.

chaosatom3335695d ago

EA on the bandwagon with the ps3. Good times rolling by.

Fishy Fingers5695d ago

They actually said after Madden 08 released that 09 would be 60fps.

TheREALHarryEtTubMan5695d ago

It better be. Those morons better be able to run little MADDEN at 60 FPS when COD 4 runs smooth as silk on the PS3... I have Madden should even be easier.

Danja5695d ago

EA had no choice but to up there game this year with Madden on the PS3..if not they would loose alot more respect from gamers which was never there to begin with..

Dont think i'll be getting Madden 09 ne ways...

CaliGamer5695d ago

Is this too little too late for Madden fans? I hope so, this game has been a rip off for years.