What is Project Spark

It could be one of the most innovative games seen in a while, but how does a game for making games really work?

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WeAreLegion1809d ago

Project Spark looks really fun, but there are already a few games just like it available on PC. I'm enjoying this one right now. (It's still in Beta, but it's great!)

mhunterjr1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Project Spark has ALOT in common with game globe... But I see nothing wrong with having more than one game in the same genre. The nice thing about Project Spark is that you can design games to be played on PC, Xbox Consoles, and mobile devices, or any combination of the 3.

One major difference between the two is gameglobe requires a amount of grinding before users have the tools to build more impressive games of their own. So either they play through a bunch of other people games, or they spend real money to get more props.

All of the tools and props available in PS on day one will be available for free. I'm sure they will release premium themes at some point, but we'll have enough content on day one to make what we want without having to grind or pay.

WeAreLegion1809d ago

There is nothing wrong with it. Just look at Game Globe's slogan. "Play. Create. Share." They're very open about the influence LBP had on the game. I think most of the developers working on these game designing games love that there are so many of them out there. :)

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christocolus1809d ago

project spark is going to turn me into an indie dev.