PALGN: Time Crisis 4 Review

PALGN writes: "Ever since the Time Crisis series debuted back in the arcades in 1995, it has been a tradition for the arcade shooter to be ported to Sony's latest console hardware. The original Time Crisis appeared on the PlayStation One in 1997 and Time Crisis 2 and 3 made their way to the PlayStation 2. A few years after Time Crisis 4's arcade debut the game has finally landed in PAL territories on the PlayStation 3, but is the game worth picking up or a complete disaster?

Time Crisis 4 is the first light gun title on the PlayStation 3 and comes bundled with one gun for a higher than normal RRP. The orange Guncon 3 (G-Con) is quite different from the previous Guncons. First up, there are more buttons, as well as two analog directional sticks and a handle to the left of the gun. The G-Con isn't wireless and instead plugs in via USB on the PlayStation 3. Also included with the game are two sensors, which also connect via USB and go near the television to help calibrate the gun. Even before getting fully into Time Crisis 4 we did have a few qualms. First up, the gun is quite simply ugly, the orange colour makes the gun look like a Fisher Price toy and with such a large RRP it is disappointing that the gun isn't wireless. Setting the gun up is also a bit of a hassle, because there are two things to plug in and set up. If you're a left hander you're also immediately at a disadvantage, with the second analog directional stick catered towards right handers."

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resistance1003854d ago

I don't know why the low scores come with this game. Maybe its because of the FPS mode. Still the Arcade mode is still as good as ever

DomUltra3854d ago

I bought this game and I love every minute of it, it's stupid but it's a little taste of the arcade and to me that's fun.

resistance1003854d ago

Yep, its that retro factor why i brought it