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PlayStation Euphoria writes: Puppeteer is a completely new franchise developed exclusively for PlayStation 3 by SCE JAPAN Studio. It is a one of a kind creation 2D platformer set in a magical puppeteer’s theater, which certainly leaves room for plenty of surprises. What mysteries lie in wait beyond the curtains? Prepare to enter a world that is constantly ever changing around you and where dreams become your reality.

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panbit861808d ago

Buy this amazing game people! It was one of the best games of this year imo! Such talent and creativity! It's a shame to see such great efforts underperform commercially...

chrispseuphoria1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I totally agree and it's quite disheartening to see games like this fail. We usually have either indie games or AAA games but never something in the middle which Puppeteer fits right in. This is the case for other Sony games such as PlayStation All-Stars, Twisted Metal and Starhawk.