PS3 Prices are now Crashing (Time to Buy! )

It's been a roller coaster on the PS3 front. Prices went absolutely insane a few weeks ago, but with the PS3/Vita stores staying open for now, prices have plummeted back to earth. This article breaks it down, complete with buying suggestions and current prices.

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Jiub385d ago

You mean I don't have to buy Puppeteer for $140?!

neutralgamer1992385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Yes you don't have to pay that but if you want one you will definitely pay over $75+

headline says PS3 games prices crashing down but those prices are still way above MSRP and in the $70-80 range. These prices in my opinion will never come down to where they were before sony announced they were shutting down PSN for ps3/vita. Because before that announcement you could have bought most of these games for under $40 (even less) and now they are $70 plus

Here's my suggestion a lot of these games did not sell well for example splatterhouse, 3d dot hero, lollipop chainsaw and puppeteer just to name few so it's all supply and demand. Because these didn't set sales records there Are less copies in the 2nd hand market. I do believe this in only 5 years time ps3 game prices will be to a point where most won't or can't buy them besides collectors

If you're looking to grab yourself a copy now is the best time or wait a few weeks as soon as prices come down a bit more buy them don't wait

isarai385d ago

So glad i have a feel for games that will jump in price, i really only grab games i want to play, but i can tell when it's a games that will not only be hard to find, but expensive in the future. Grabbed puppeteer for $7 like a year ago from gamestop. And the Metal Gear Legacy collection for $12 and got 3d dot game heroes free(b3g1) was quite the grab and all 3 were on my list.

Profchaos385d ago

I think you're right and done of the lesser known games will be harder and more expensive to find in the flipside you could probably continue to buy GTA IV and cod for a few dollars for the next 10 years.

neutralgamer1992385d ago (Edited 385d ago )


If you look at the call of duty games on PlayStation 3 they hold their value quite well some of them are actually quite expensive if you want the original case with the game manual and a good disc


Me too I bought a lot of PlayStation 3 games over time I have over 200 of them I can't imagine if I want to buy all of them and now it would cost double if not triple what I paid overtime

MetalProxy385d ago

Holy crap I have a copy of puppeteer still sealed 🤯. Paid very little during clearance because nobody cared. Had no idea it would increase that much... lol

Eidolon385d ago

Got with PS+, great value!

OptimusDK385d ago

But but nobody plays old games SONY ...?

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Nicknasty385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Wow, I feel lucky. I grabbed a sealed copy on eBay back in August of last year for $25. Excellent game!

Still own Shadows of the damned, another great game and Lollipop chainsaw. I can’t part with a lot of my older games.

384d ago
Godmars290385d ago

But I'm not sellin'! Not even - especially - at a fair price!

metalhead385d ago

When did PS3 games become stocks? Lmao

BrainSyphoned385d ago

Since the invention of people treasuring sealed items. Or even a instruction booklet that were just left laying on the counter at every Funcoland for years as free to take. I sold an empty partially wrapped Nintendo console box for $300 that some guy gave me in store 20 years ago.

Jiub385d ago

You wrote Funcoland and I just went back 20 years hahaha. Those price sheets were the best. I knew everything I wanted before I got in the store and how much it would cost

Yui_Suzumiya385d ago

Since most Gamestops quit selling them, lol

HaveAsandwich385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

By now, I would think youd have everything you wanted for ps3, as prices were rock bottom for years. Same with psp. I went in hard when every game was like 15-20, and many games are like 100-200. I cleaned up when glyde stopped doing video games years ago, and everyone on there started liquidating, for whatever reason. I remember getting wild arms v anniversary complete for $17. I bought metal saga WAY back for like 15, because atlus, and its only recently began to increase. Its far more difficult to find deals these days tho, as im sure everyone knows.

TheRealTedCruz385d ago

This is why PC is nice. You have several storefronts fighting for your money on 99% of games released. I simply buy whatever console I want at the end of their lifecycle, for dirt cheap, the exclusives for dirt cheap, then call it a day.

TheRealTedCruz384d ago


Truly compelling commentary.

MasterChief3624384d ago


Listen, I'm all for PC gaming. I own a PC and game on it all the time. But it is tiring to always see the "PC is better in every way" opinion that a lot of people spout. Yes you can get games generally for cheaper, yes there are loads of games to play. But even games from 10 years ago sometimes need tinkering to even work on modern computers. It's not a perfect solution, especially if you want to play classics from the 90s.

And one of the biggest things I hear people say as a positive for computers is that, as opposed to a console, it's cheaper to maintain a PC because all you have to do is upgrade one thing at a time. But consoles are a flat fee for more years than PC graphics cards tend to stay relevant, at which point you would want to upgrade the GPU (which is costing more and more to upgrade every generation.) And if you need to upgraded your CPU but don't have the right socket for the one you want? Well there goes hundreds more dollars.

I'm just saying that PC gaming is not perfect. It's great, but all platforms have their strengths, and all platforms have their weaknesses.

Is that a better commentary for you, Senator?

TheRealTedCruz384d ago


That doesn't really have anything to do with what I said though.
I purely said it's a positive to have multiple storefronts because it results in competition and cheaper pricing on titles.
I didn't bring up the buy in cost of consoles, or even the upgrading of PCs.

I simply stated PC tends to be cheaper when it comes to buying games, and the fact I tend to wait until the end of a console's cycle so I don't spend a bunch of cash to play the handful of games I didn't have access to.

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Yui_Suzumiya385d ago

Recently I sold Lightning Returns for $25, Tales of Symphonia for $50, Bleach for $40, Night Trap for $90 and The Orange Box for $45. I'm making a business of finding PS3 games for cheap and selling them for slightly less than what other people are selling them for on ebay. I ordered both the standard version of Doom Collection for Switch and collector's edition for Doom Collection for PS4 for the purpose of resale in the future.

MasterChief3624385d ago

I can't see this business model paying off well in the long run.

neutralgamer1992385d ago

Honestly as more things become digital and these digital store fronts on consoles won't stay up forever I think game prices will only go up. Especially now that Sony made an announcement only to backtrack it's not if now it's when they close it(I can't imagine pss storefront staying up for another 5 years)

A lot of niche ps3 games that sold under 1 million are becoming very expensive. We only saw the trailer I believe once psn shuts down on ps3 we will see what real high prices will look like(I hope I am wrong about psn shutting down on ps3 but I don't think Sony can justify keeping it live if there is very little traffic)

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