Top Three Most Antcipated PS3 games not named MSG4 or GTA IV

There's a lot going on in PS3 land this year besides GTA IV or MGS 4. Sarcastic Gamer checks out three under appreciated PS3 exclusives coming this fall.

From the article: "While there's a dearth of PS3 exclusives right now, this fall, Sony is going to be churning out exclusives in their attempt to capture the hearts and minds before Christmas. Let's take a look at three exclusives that should be at the front of the hype train, but are riding in the caboose."

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Harry1903830d ago

Well that`s how it goes.Why did they put only exclusives in this one?

marinelife93830d ago

I'm as much of a Pixel head as the next guy the game is addictive as all get out but picking it third over LBP, KZ2, FFXIII, GOW 3, or GT5 is insane.

ZeroXMD3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

honestly, i wouldn't want GOW3 or XIII to come out this year. Considering the fact that both came out around ps3's launch, i don't expect them to and I don't want them to rush'em because of sales needs. With games of that caliber, they need to be perfect because of their reputations. If they came out this year, they would be rushed and I would have a low expectation of them, even tho that's hard to do. I'm having the same quells with Gears 2, it just came out 2 years ago and i feel it's not going to be a true sequel, just more like the same thing with new hinky dinks about it. I had that feeling before that one article came out and was saying that to my friends

Mystery_Person3829d ago

So..... GOW3....? And wow.... socom comes out next year...?

IzKyD13313830d ago

wow, out of ALL the PS3 titles to come out this year, he puts PixelJunk monsters, what about littlebigplanet?

GamerSigma3830d ago

It's supposed to be the most anticipated that no one is talking about... I think Little big planet is getting a ton of publicity...

Palodios3830d ago

And no one is talking about Resistance 2? When was the last time insomniac made a bad game?

marichuu3830d ago

In 2006, Resistance: Fall of Man

-EvoAnubis-3830d ago

Good joke. R:FoM was great.

NO_PUDding3830d ago

RFOM shockignly great.

Even on the repviews, I thoguht: Great... What a crap launch title.

But I got it in a bundle, and I started playing it again recently. It's awesome. I don't even play multiplayer on it.

JBaby3433830d ago

Resistance rocks. That game just keeps giving. I'll say this for Insomniac if nothing else they give length to their games.

marichuu3830d ago

Wow, didn't take much to upset quite a few people xD
Thought it would be fun to say Resistance since the next one is obviously going to be big. This even resulted in someone ignoring me xD I suppose some fanboys are just too sensetive ;p

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jkhan3830d ago

Well my top 3 besides MGS4 and GTA4 are:
1). Resistance 2
2). Killzone 2
3). White Knight Chronicles.
LBP comes in at fourth:P

kingme713830d ago

How is Resistance 2 not being talked about? What about Infamous? That is one game that looks appealing from what little I've seen and there is scarcely any info on it.

HighDefinition3830d ago

EGM is previewing it THIS month and it`s definitly the LEAST talked about "MEGA-GAME". Bubbles for being the first to mention it.

kingme713830d ago

Cool, I look forward to reading more about it.


HighDefinition3830d ago

SuckerPunch is amazing, I can`t wait either.

NO_PUDding3830d ago

Sly Cooper was a genuine masterpiece.

And inFamous is really one fo my most anticipated becuase of it. I loved the Sly Cooper series so much. I just wish they maintained the cel shaded approach for inFamous.

I am so excited, thanks for the news HD.

JBaby3433830d ago

I can't wait to get more info on this game. I think it will be the sleeper hit of the year if more hype doesn't come off around E3. My top 3 are:
1. KZ2
2. R2
3. Infamous

Those are in no particular order by the way. I want them all.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3830d ago

FINALY A SITE CONSIDERED SOCOM #1 YEA this is tru this has the best online/GAMEPLAY that a GAME can OFFER no game matches SOCOM....

SOCOM > HALO/GEARS/COD4/RB6V/KILLZONE/ RESISTENCE/GOLDEN EYE/GRAW theres no match for socoms online/ gameplay its unrivaled and who never played it dont talk crap and try the game out..

Socom will keep u going for 3-4 years maybe more

lets hear the HATERS

Partisan3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Socom is the beast of all

ppl hasn't play this game online just sft^ this game is the beast!!!!

Socom Elite here<<<<

NO_PUDding3830d ago

Will Socom come with bluetooth headset? I hope so.

QUNE3829d ago

If SOCOM goes back to being the way it was in the S1 and S2 days then look out people. I've owned a 360 this whole time and I'm dieing to take the PS3 plunge. I guarantee this game will be a system seller if it gets good reviews and goes back to its roots.

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