Beyond Two Souls — A Critical Review - SheAttack

Coming from Quantic dream, the company known to have made Heavy Rain, this game is assumed to be of the same base of story-telling and minimal game-play mechanics.

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Donnywholovedbowling1808d ago

Complete review FAIL. Go play CoD Ghosts...

TheVideoGamHer1808d ago

Someone is mad at someone else's opinion on the internet?! ::le gasp::

Donnywholovedbowling1807d ago

No one's mad here, señorita sarcastica. Just telling it how it is, now why dont you get back to watching "My Little Ponies". Stay gold, "pony boy".

TheVideoGamHer1807d ago

@Donnywholovedbowling Dude, you're so clever.

SolidGear31807d ago

My all-time favorite game next to TLoU